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October 27th, 2008
I joined because I am passionately against slave labor and sweatshops. In high school I was one of few in the Slave Labor News Committee. Our whole objective was to inform everyone in school and anyone who visited our website about all the terrible sweatshops and the slave labor. I really hope that we can end this terrible treatment.  - Kate
I went to a lecture tonight given by Mr. Keady and it really moved me and made me want to help stop the social injustice that is going on in all of these countries.  - Kristi, MO State
I watched a presentation of Behind the Swoosh on my Missouri State campus and I was moved to get active in making this slavery stop.  - Craig, MO State
I saw Keady’s presentation tonight at Missouri State University and I want more information on how I can help!  - Melissa, MO State
I am joining Team Sweat because the way people working in Nike’s factories are expected to live is immoral and Nike needs to be forced into action.  Whatever little my joining can do to help, I am eager to do something.  - Katie H.
I joined Team Sweat because I want to see Nike change their policies and end the injustices that plague their workers. After realizing that this issue was too important to go ignored, I brought the Behind the Swoosh presentation to Chatham High School in the hopes that more would become educated on this issue. And they were. We had amazing responses to the program, and I am hopeful that Team Sweat can be influential enough to keep gaining supporters like my classmates to ultimately change one of the largest corporate giants in the world. To Nike: The consumers want a change. The investors want a change. And, most importantly, the workers are calling for your help. STOP THE ABUSE!  - Allison R.
I am joining Team Sweat to ensure workers in sweatshops are paid a living wage. They need to be guaranteed collective bargaining rights. Factory workers around the world deserve these rights, whether they are making Jordan’s for Nike or sports equipment and clothing for ANY other company. As the leading sports equipment producer, Nike must set the bar. Unfortunately, I cannot proudly display the Swoosh.  - Kendra, Siena College
I joined Team Sweat because I was appalled and disgusted by the images I saw on Jim Keady’s video. Making people live in those conditions is inhumane, especially when all it would take is a small sacrifice on the part of rich. Nike has the money and power to change the wages and I want to help convince them to act righteously. - Chris, Siena College
I want sweatshops to be eliminated. Nike needs to stop taking advantage of third world countries!  - Caroline R.
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