December 20th, 2010


My name is Todd Carr, I am a Freshman at Franklin Pierce University. I play for the baseball team here, and tonight I listened to presentation about the sweat shops around the world. I feel that the Nike corporation must make a change in the way they run their business. I feel it is a civil duty as a U.S. citizen to speak up about this problem and try and make a change.

- Todd Carr

Just enjoyed Jim’s presentation at Georgetown. Keep up the good work!

- Cory Bronenkamp

I saw Jim Keady speak at Georgetown University and it changed my life.  I went on camera and talked about how terrible Nike is.

- Dane Zito

(I joined Team Sweat because I was ) inspired by Jim Keady to make a difference.

- John Patrick Serzan

I am writing a paper about a Nike commercial, “Destiny - Force Fate” in my English class. We are to research the facts behind the origins, history, etc. about Nike and critically analyze this ad and how Nike appeals to consumers. I had found some articles about Nike and Sweatshops. I then thought that I could analyze this paper on Human Rights and Dignity. Then as I was searching for recent articles on Nike & Sweatshops, I found Jim Keady. Unfortunately, I was unaware of his name and his actions.  I am a student at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I want to become a medical doctor and work with Medcins sans frontiers (MSF, Doctors without borders). I believe Human Health must be protected and can be protected.  I am joining Team Sweat because Team Sweat can not only improve wages, but the health of so many people. It is still only a small movement in this large society, but it is a step in eradicating poverty.  I will constantly be aware of this team, and spread the words to my community at UofT. Thanks for taking action, and letting us know the truth.

- Justina Lee

I want to see just wages given to the workers. I love Nike’s products, but we must who and under what conditions are these products being made.

- Anna Wheeler

(I joined Team Sweat) because I want to act.

- Jamie R. Sturdevant

(I joined Team Sweat) to help stop Nike sweatshops.

- Alyssa

I watched Jim Keady’s video of his speech at Suffolk University and his data/ research has convinced me that a lot needs to be done to change Nike’s ways. He has encouraged me to add myself to the numerous people supporting the raise of wages for factory workers overseas.

- Gabrielle Womack

I saw one video posted by one of my friends and I couldn’t believe the tremendous abuse against those human beings and those poor conditions that they deal with it day by day while day by day other people are getting rich with thousands, millions or billions of dollars without caring about the others.

- Talysha Arteaga

I hate sweatshops and they need to be stopped. Team Sweat is doing great things to get the word out about Nike and their bad ethics/business.

- Fatima  Czachorowski

I attended an assembly at my high school, Middletown High School North, this morning where Mr. Keady spoke. Prior to the assembly, I was fortunate enough to have seen the Nike video in my english class. The fight for justice and rights, which should be automatically granted to everyone, can be won and I want to join this fight. Ignorance, stubbornness, and lies will not be accepted in place of human rights and justice, two very simple and required aspects of life. GO TEAM SWEAT!

- Liz Huang

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