December 21st, 2010


December 21st, 2010


After the presentation, I realized that I am one of those people who feeds into Nike’s (and other) public announcements. I have realized that they make these to brainwash us! They are aware of their wrong doings, and that’s the scary part. Nike, a multi-billion dollar corporation, is sweeping it’s issues under the rug and I believe now’s the time to reveal them.

- Audra Spero

I enjoy the products that Nike makes, but the wages that employees receive in foreign countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam are not acceptable. It isn’t fair and I want to make my voice heard.

- Zachary Jankowski

Today Mr. Keady came to talk at my school. His presentation opened my eyes to a lot of things. I didn’t know that this was happening so drastically because of such major businesses that produce such used materials. I was disgusted by the lies that Nike throws out and the fact that these companies have so much money and cant even give people the amount of money they need to survive. It is inhumane. This is why I decided to join, to see what else I could do.

- Patrick Travis

Mr. Keady presented at my school today. it really opened my eyes to what is really going on behind the closed doors that everyone forgets about. I am a humanist and i back your cause 110%.

- Amanda Figueroa

Jim Keady came to speak to our school and I really want to help.

- Amanda Leigh Gambacorto

As a consumer, a student-athlete and an average person who wants to make a difference, joining Team Sweat is one step in fighting injustice. We learn about it through church and school, but often think “I am only one person.” We need to realize that if just 100 people say that, they are not each just one person anymore, they are 100 people who together can make a difference. We have no choice in the apparel we wear every single day as D1 student-athletes. Instead of being “walking ads” for these corporation, we deserve to be able to speak out and use our influence/publicity for the common good.

- Amelia Karges

(I joined Team Sweat because) because I want to be able to wear Nike products and feel good about it.

- Ashley Gaillot

I’ve seen your short film three times now and I’ve seen you speak. I’ve related to the issues you’ve talked about and want to know more about how I can help.

- Mary Kate Newhouse

I heard Jim Keady speak tonight at St. Louis University and want to learn more about what he does.

- Erin Kofron

Jim Keady just spoke at my school, St Louis University, and really opened my eyes to the gross injustices that, despite what the PR campaigns for different manufacturing companies are saying, still exist and affect people around the world.

- David Gaillardetz

A friend showed me the video about the working conditions in Indonesia and I found it to be a cause worth fighting for. I would like to start a campaign on my campus at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and raise awareness.

- Lexi Parsagian

All humans have a right to be treated equally. American companies think they can walk over other countries to make a larger profit. It is time to take a stand.

- Adam Hucek

I want to join because I heard Jim Keady speak and It really got me excited and interested. I believe that what Nike does to these people is inhuman and disgusting and I want to do something about it.

- Charlie Veys

Please change my “affiliation” to X-Consumer! I can’t believe how ignorant I’ve been … the more I’m researching this the more disgusted I get. I would LOVE to see Phil Knight on CBS’s reality show “Undercover boss!” Have CBS get his ass to Indonesia!  Your parents must be very proud of your efforts. I would like to learn more and better understand the progress you’ve made. How can people like me help?  A new fan of Team Sweat!

- Lauren St. Amand

Hello my name is German Arredondo. I just finished seeing your video and I was very moved by it. Recently I have noticed things around me and also that America is a very corrupt and greedy country. I have seen many things happening here in my own city as well. I’ve heard of the living conditions and about the extremely low pay that Nike workers receive. At first i didn’t think about it that much until I saw your video. This has opened my eyes. So please I don’t have much money but I’m more then glad to help you in your fight because I know that Nike is one of many corrupt companies in America. I do believe that the hard workers of Nike and other companies should get what they deserve and more. By the way I’m 16 if that makes you feel better because younger people like me should be aware of what is happening. Well thank you for reading this and I hope you can reply soon and I wish you for the best of your fight with Nike and other companies.

- German Arredondo

(I joined Team Sweat) because it is disgusting and degrading what we, as a human race, are allowing to happen in our world.

- Rachel Hiltz


December 20th, 2010


My name is Todd Carr, I am a Freshman at Franklin Pierce University. I play for the baseball team here, and tonight I listened to presentation about the sweat shops around the world. I feel that the Nike corporation must make a change in the way they run their business. I feel it is a civil duty as a U.S. citizen to speak up about this problem and try and make a change.

- Todd Carr

Just enjoyed Jim’s presentation at Georgetown. Keep up the good work!

- Cory Bronenkamp

I saw Jim Keady speak at Georgetown University and it changed my life.  I went on camera and talked about how terrible Nike is.

- Dane Zito

(I joined Team Sweat because I was ) inspired by Jim Keady to make a difference.

- John Patrick Serzan

I am writing a paper about a Nike commercial, “Destiny - Force Fate” in my English class. We are to research the facts behind the origins, history, etc. about Nike and critically analyze this ad and how Nike appeals to consumers. I had found some articles about Nike and Sweatshops. I then thought that I could analyze this paper on Human Rights and Dignity. Then as I was searching for recent articles on Nike & Sweatshops, I found Jim Keady. Unfortunately, I was unaware of his name and his actions.  I am a student at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I want to become a medical doctor and work with Medcins sans frontiers (MSF, Doctors without borders). I believe Human Health must be protected and can be protected.  I am joining Team Sweat because Team Sweat can not only improve wages, but the health of so many people. It is still only a small movement in this large society, but it is a step in eradicating poverty.  I will constantly be aware of this team, and spread the words to my community at UofT. Thanks for taking action, and letting us know the truth.

- Justina Lee

I want to see just wages given to the workers. I love Nike’s products, but we must who and under what conditions are these products being made.

- Anna Wheeler

(I joined Team Sweat) because I want to act.

- Jamie R. Sturdevant

(I joined Team Sweat) to help stop Nike sweatshops.

- Alyssa

I watched Jim Keady’s video of his speech at Suffolk University and his data/ research has convinced me that a lot needs to be done to change Nike’s ways. He has encouraged me to add myself to the numerous people supporting the raise of wages for factory workers overseas.

- Gabrielle Womack

I saw one video posted by one of my friends and I couldn’t believe the tremendous abuse against those human beings and those poor conditions that they deal with it day by day while day by day other people are getting rich with thousands, millions or billions of dollars without caring about the others.

- Talysha Arteaga

I hate sweatshops and they need to be stopped. Team Sweat is doing great things to get the word out about Nike and their bad ethics/business.

- Fatima  Czachorowski

I attended an assembly at my high school, Middletown High School North, this morning where Mr. Keady spoke. Prior to the assembly, I was fortunate enough to have seen the Nike video in my english class. The fight for justice and rights, which should be automatically granted to everyone, can be won and I want to join this fight. Ignorance, stubbornness, and lies will not be accepted in place of human rights and justice, two very simple and required aspects of life. GO TEAM SWEAT!

- Liz Huang


December 20th, 2010


(I joined Team Sweat because of) the message given at St. Norbert College by Jim Keady.

- Kevin Hansen

I am quite young but have never liked Nike. Up until last year i never knew about their sweatshops. I found it disgusting that they force people to work for very low money. I want to help them but I am too young so I thought I could join and stay up to date. Thank You.

- Darcy Stein

People need to come together to help fight the issue of sweatshops.

- Missy Krouth

Jim came to my school, UW-Green Bay, and I was inspired about what he talked about, and I would like to be more informed about things, and hopefully participate in awareness events.

- Megan Geil

I listened to your talk at UW-Green Bay tonight and its just so hard to believe that these people at Nike are so selfish and unwilling to help other people over something as stupid as money. Ive personally been to India once and saw how some of them live. I believe fully in what you are doing and would love to be a part of it!

- Jessie

I joined because I believe everyone should have the right to earn a living wage and live without fear. As citizens of the world we need to take care of each other. So let’s start now.

- Ann M.

These are the types of issues I am studying right now in college. I hear examples of social injustice, stories, and other peoples’ points of view. Rarely do I receive a detailed opportunity of how to affect change. Mr. Keady’s video was pretty much the most detailed, vivid, example of how others live. It is visual evidence…it’s not just an idea in my head that someone mentions through words in a class I’m taking. It’s not rocket science….it’s commonsense. People deserve their rights as a human…it’s mentioned in the United Nations charter, in the preamble. I know what’s important: humanity not stupid pair of shoes that will probably look like crap by the end of a month.

- Stephanie Suchecki

My life goal is to help make a difference in this world. I’m passionate about equality of others no matter the circumstance.

- Brittany Polze

(I joined Team Sweat) because I believe very strongly in the cause and to receive updates on Jim’s work.

- Sara Ewald

I saw Jim Keady’s presentation last night.  It really me think about those problems and I want to see change. And I also am responsible for theose workers because they deserve same treatment I do.

- Jane Yang

I just attended Jim’s presentation at UW Stevens Point and I was very moved. I hate that the workers are proud to have such a terrible job just because they make a little bit of money that doesn’t even allow them to cover their basic needs. They deserve more and I want to help them.

- Nikki Sterling

I want Nike to start taking responsibility by paying their workers a living wage. The quality of their product sets a high standard and already speaks for itself, however they fall short in the human justice category. This is the perfect opportunity for Nike to set the example for other corporations. Please do the right thing Nike.

- Caitlyn Schoenfeld

(I joined Team Sweat) to help in the fight against Nike’s (and others) social injustices.

- Heather Kozlowski

I used to think that Nike’s great products were a great fit for my lifestyle.  Now, I know that as of today it’s damaging others’ lives to buy Nike products.  Jim came to my town yesterday to give the TeamSweat presentation. He opened our eyes to the reality that Nike is trying to ignore. I join him in efforts to stop this abuse of humans in Indonesia and around the world.  I’m taking action by telling friends, emailing Nike with my complaint, and becoming more conscious of my buying habits. For the good of all, I’m taking a stance against this brutality.

- Thew Case

So that I can give you a tiny portion of my time to show that you have supporters. Capitalism is a pyramid and the American consumer is at the top. My conscience prohibits me from knowingly participating in an action that yields a high degree of despair. I’ve been told that living at the top of the pyramid and perpetuating despair are co-morbid. But I often wonder if it’s an obligated relationship.

- Glenn Wills

Workers everywhere should be paid a livable wage.

- Casey Robb

I would like to join Team Sweat because I am very passionate about this topic. I believe that we can make a huge different in the world by stopping the Nike Sweat Shops. I know it will be tons of work but I am willing to go the extra mile to stop this cruelty.

- Tommy Martin


November 1st, 2010


September 30th, 2010


March 10th, 2010
Team Sweat:

Not to be outdone by the lads at Brophy College Prep, the students at Seattle Prep fired off their missives to Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker after they experienced the “Behind the Swoosh: Sweatshops and Social Justice” program. They let Mr. Parker know that the men and women at Seattle Prep are, like their peers at Brophy, “men and women for others” and their Jesuit education demands that they act on behalf of justice - in this case, on behalf of their brothers and sisters in Nike’s overseas sweatshops.

Go Panthers!

Peace, Jim Keady

Mr. Parker,

My name is Jordan Alcantara and I am a senior at Seattle Preparatory School. Today, our school held its annual Peace and Justice Assembly and focused on the Nike sweatshop worker exploitation and Team Sweat. Our guest speaker, Mr. Jim Keady, educated us on the current injustices occurring around the world, and enlightened me and many of my fellow classmates on the current system we allow to persist. I come to you as a concerned high school student, with a simple hope. Please change the current policies to create a more just system. I fully recognize that many changes have already taken place and some conditions have already been improved. But there is still a long way to go. My education at a Catholic Jesuit institution has driven me to say somethingabout this andtry to make a change. I recognize that as a woman for others, it’s part of my responsibility to help promote change in any way that I can.I ask, as a student, a Catholic, and a person of this world, please do something to change the current injustice.

I thank you greatly for your time.

Jordan Alcantara

Jim Keady visited my school at Seattle Prep today. I was dumbfounded by the way Nike has so little concern for their workers. HOW can a company this large, who is so much in the public eye, get away with something like this? Because they have not spoken the truth. Therefore, it is up to us to spread the truth about Nike. I noticed that it is hard for many people to put themselves in other peoples shoes, but it is something we all must do in order to change this system. We must fight for out brothers and sisters in Nike sweatshops around the world. We must fight so that hopefully one day Nike will pay them enough wages in order to meet their basic needs. It begins with advocacy, and it begins with you and me. Thank you for coming to our school, and thank you for all of the work you have done thus far. I am joining because I too share in your dream that one day our world can be sweat free.

- Cassie Padon

Mr. Parker,

Today Jim came and talked to my high school, Seattle Prep. Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love your product and have supported you my whole life. My high school is sponsored by you, as well is my AAU basketball team. All of my shoes are from your company, and I cant do anything to stop wearing your shoes, because they are simply the best on the market, and it is a team requirement for my AAU team to wear all Nike products, but I do assure you I will no longer show the Nike symbol on the socks, rather roll them down, I will now cover the swoosh on my shoes, and show as little emblems of Nike as possible. What you do with your sweat shops, and beyond minimum wage revenue for your workers is something you should be ashamed of. How would you like if your family had to suffer through what they do? Yes you are giving them jobs, thats great, congratulations, but think of being in their shoes! Would you want to barely have enough money to just feed YOU for the day! Let alone your significant other, your kids? What about that fancy house im sure you live in, or that 100,000 dollar wip you roll around in? How about all those fun trips you go on since your so wealty? How would you like it if that was all a fantasy? All some wonderland because you dont have enough money to buy any mode of transportation, live in anything but a box? Your workers are being put through a real life hell, that whole period check for women? If that happened at my school my parents would file a law suit! Jim said that had been cleared up but you should be ashamed for that! I really hope for you sake, the sake of the people your hurting, and the sake of the world and every single person who looks up to your company and the stars you endorse who i hope to be one day, i hope that you and Nike straighten up your act and fix the sweatshops. You make 19.2 BILLION dollars a year, and a pair of air force 1’s, one of your best selling shoes, cost less than 15 dollars to make! And you sell it for what, 100 dollars? And on top of that you only give 2.50 to your labor workers? What would you do if they go on strike? I know i would if i was in their shoes! “Success is simple, do whats right, the right way, all the time.” Yes you are being succesful, but not the right way.

- From a Seattle Prep Student

Dear Mr. Parker,

You may not know it, but the factory conditions in Indonesia are absolutely atrocious and inhumane. Also, workers can’t support their families on the wages that they are payed by Nike. This could be drastically fixed by doubling the labor cost per shoe and adding that same amount to your bill, because I for one would be more than happy to pay an extra $2.43 for my pair of Nike Blazers in order for the Indonesian worker that made my shoe to be able to support their family.

I love Nike and I love buying products from Nike and Nike is doing wonderful things in the world of sports. However, I want to feel good about purchasing your product. I don’t want to feel like I am endorsing inhumane working conditions. Please, help me feel good about myself when I purchase Nike apparel and shoes.

Thank You for your time Mr. Parker.


Cameron Breen
Junior at Seattle Prep

Dear Mr. Parker,

Do you sometimes wake up late at night wondering that if you ever double the wages of workers in countries like Indonesia that they would no longer be exploited by your sweatshops?Have you ever wondered ifdoing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive? Maybe if you spent a day in the life of one of the workers that your company takes complete advantage of, you would become a more compassionate human being and more aware of the circumstances that impoverished people face every day because of people like you.

I write to you today on behalf of all the workers that are silenced in the sweatshops. Today Jim Keady came and spoke to our school about how terribly the workers in Indonesia are treated. Did you even know that in the sweatshops in Indonesia the workers are working in horrendous conditions that are oppressive and unhealthy, and that up to 50% of them are abused? If you have any human feelings inside of you, try make a conscious effort to double the wages of the people that work so hard and so long every day just to barely get by. I am embarrassed to own anything Nike. Good job, Mr. Parker, you’re a terrible person. I am appalled that you are satisfied with selling these products while people suffer because of it, andI personally will work with a conscious effort to spread the word about your company and to avoid buying any of your products until significant changes are made.

Emma McCune
Student at Seattle Preparatory High School

Mark Parker
President and Chief Executive Officer of Nike Corporation
Nike World Headquarters
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005

Dear Mr. Parker,

You have probably already received many of these emails today from a number of my classmates and fellow advocates for workers’ rights. I would like to join the fray and voice my opinion to once again encourage you, emplore you to change your labor policies regarding the workers in your factories abroad. It is not only the moral and ethical decision, one of the best you will ever make, but also more important than ever to help the factory workers survive during these trying economic times. The goal of your company should certainly be to make a profit, but not at the expense of the human dignities of others.

If you were to change your mind in the near future regarding this important issue of unjust labor situations in your factories, you should immediately consider contacting Jim Keady at, and visiting You will find resources there that will help you make the right, ethical decision. Hopefully the pressure we the students, the next generation of consumers, place on your corporation can lead to progress and positive change.

Thank you for considering our proposition and hopefully in time we can once again buy Nike products, confident that the workers who manufactured the goods were treated and paid justly.

Nicholas Wang
Student at Seattle Preparatory School
2400 Eleventh Avenue East
Seattle WA 98102

Hello Mr. Parker:

My name is Nicole Zunick and I am a sophomore at Seattle Prep in Seattle, WA. I both wear your products (I am a runner) and am aware of what is going on in the factories that manufacture your products. It would be very beneficial and educational for me if you could help me understand your situation.

First of all, I understand you are a company in a capitalist economy, which means you are working for the greatest possible profit for the corporation owners; not the consumers, workers, etc. I also understand that there are moral expectations and norms in our society today. There are also many laws and regulations worldwide that have to do with this.
My biggest concern is whether or not Nike is responsible for the workers, workers’ wages, safety, etc. that are part of the sub-contractors that Nike has. If so, you have not only a moral obligation to make sure all aspects of the work space and environment are meeting laws, regulations, and requirements, but also a legal obligation. If you do not (or claim to not) be responsible for the workers that the sub-contractors employ, you still have certain obligations. First: you are expected to use companies and organizations that protect the rights of workers and human beings, as well as follow all international or national laws. (You can’t just say that you weren’t aware of the sub-contractors’ actions). Second: you, as a human being, are supposed to treat fellow human beings with respect, dignity, and fairness. Don’t say you are treating the workers from sweatshops the correct way - there are statistics from both your own investigations as well as separate investigations that show this is not true.

Even if you do not have the time to reply to this email or choose not to for whatever reasons, I would ask you to do one thing. Tonight before you go to bed, imagine what your life would be like if you made about three dollars less everyday. Would you still have been able to afford three healthy meals? Have clothes to wear? Talk on your phone? Check your email? Have your kids go to school? Those three dollars wouldn’t make a big difference in your life. However, it could be life altering for the sweatshop workers. I’m not suggesting that those three dollars has to come out of your paycheck, or that all of a sudden the workers’ wages will double and life will be splendid and perfect. However, this should help you put into perspective what those workers’ wages and lives are like. You have the same responsibilities to those workers as all the kids at my high school. We all need to make changes to help those less fortunate than us - instead of taking advantage of them, let’s help create and instill positive changes in their lives.

I hope that you realize that you and your company have a huge influence on today’s world. This can allow for great changes through power that are positive, unimportant, or negative. Its up to you to choose - but remember that your company is nothing without all those who use, consume, and endorse your products, as well as those who design, manufacture, and create your products.

Nicole Zunick

Dear Mr. Parker,

I am currently a freshman student at Seattle Preparatory School. I recently was enlightened by Jim Keady of the labor issues that are going on right now in Indonesia and many other places around the world. When I was exposed to those facts and that information it made me sick to know that several other human beings were exposed to this same information and did absolutely nothing about it. They not only did nothing about it but they strictly denied every bit of it to protect their multi-BILLION dollar institution. Now I just think it’s funny that a freshman in high school is able to see that that is wrong and a middle aged man (no offense) cannot. Don’t you?

Riley Mang.

PS: I challenge you to living for one week in those laborers shoes and see what it is like. I will by five pairs of air force ones every month if you come back from that week happier and more confident than before that Nike is right.

PPS: Please respond to this email, I am truly interested and open to anything you want to say.

Mr. Parker,

As an athlete, I have worn Nike products for years and thought nothing of it. Your company fulfills a need that must be met, however, my objection is to how you have gone about meeting that need. I have to say that I am sincerely embarrassed to be wearing and endorsing Nike as a high level athlete, in light of what I have learned today about your labor practices in foreign countries. As a human being I feel that the wages and conditions under which your merchandise is being made are morally and ethically wrong. That being said, I honestly think that change can be made. With the amount of influence Nike has in the global market, I can potentially see your company as being a leader in the movement toward “sweat free” clothing. Eventually, this change will come. The seeds have been sown, all that is needed now is a push to get the ball rolling. Who better to give this push then yourself? Please consider what I and my peers have said, and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time,
- Michael Rochford

P.S I thought I should let you know that Mr. Keady came to my school to talk today, and is a large part of why I wrote this email. I realize that I may not have heard what you have to say in response to Mr. Keady, and if there is anything relevant that I may have been mislead on, please let me know.


Jim came and talked to my school Seattle Prep. What the heck man.

- Matt Crawford

Mr. Parker,

This week, Jim came and talked to my school about Nike and it’s sweatshops. I was thoroughly shocked. I am a fan of Nike and I was really outright disgusted. That’s right. Disgusted. I am disgusted to wear Nike. I am disgusted to walk down streets and see Nike. But really, it is not only Nike. Jim also taught me that almost all clothing is made from sweat shops. So really, I am disgusted with all of it. But I am emailing you, Mr. Parker, because Nike is the leader of all these clothing brands. Nike is the leader, the trendsetter, the gotoguy. If Nike makes one step forward, all the other companies follow in suit.

Do you realize you have power over so many peoples lives?
Indonesia. China. Vietnam. The workers who suffer and starve because of your companies selfishness.

What are you trying to imply here?
That Tiger Woods is worth about a million sweat shop workers?

You spend millions and millions on advertising and athletes, yet you cannot even raise workers pay by a mere two dollars for them to have a little more to EAT.

* I bet you enjoy a nice hot breakfast, just like I do. Well, the laborers can’t even afford it.
* I bet you enjoy a nice big warm house with a wife and kids who are well fed and happy with the money you make. The laborers go hungry and have to watch their kids starve, too. As a parent, you should know that pain.
* I bet you have a huge bed to sleep in and don’t even consider that the bed you are lying in is there because of the people who labor to make your products at Nike. They sleep in cement boxes.
* I bet you enjoy a flat screen TV with cable and leather couches. A nice car. Living the American dream.

Well guess what.

So many people suffer to give you your everyday comforts.
I hope you live with that guilt eating away at you forever.
I am going to send you this email everyday. I know you get these because of what you said to Jim. I sincerely hope you read this and reflect on your work.

-Krissy Cha, Student of Seattle Prep School

Mr. Parker,

I recently saw the presentation done by Mr. Jim Keady. I was appalled at the injustice in the Nike sweatshops. I am reaching out to you because I know that you have the power to make a change with this issue.

Thank you for your consideration,
Andrea Pappas
Seattle, WA


March 10th, 2010


March 10th, 2010


March 10th, 2010

(Team Sweat) made me realize how horrible Nike really is and I want to be part of the group of dedicated people who are trying to get Nike to change the way they treat workers in sweatshops.
- Clement Lanusse-Broussal

(I joined Team Sweat because) I want to stand on the side of social justice.
- Pat Ballentine

I was so shocked by everything I learned about Nike, when (Jim Keady) came to Cottey College. I really want to make some changes and create that equality the US takes so much pride in.
- Nicole Bussard

After doing some soul searching about my consumerism, I have realized that something needs to happen in my way. By joining Team Sweat I hope to join a greater voice for justice. One step at a time, and I believe this organization has the roots to begin to grow a beautiful tree and I want to be a part of it.
- Jesse Cummins

(I joined Team Sweat) because I saw Jim speak at the Ignation Family teach-in in Georgia 2009.
- Molly Deibel

(I joined Team Sweat because) I read a book entitled “The Secret History of the American Empire”. In it, it mentioned 2 people who went to Indonesia to live amongst Nike’s workers. Jim and Leslie. I felt compelled to inform people about that which does not get spoken. I’m sad that I was born into a country that learned from it’s mistakes with shifting from “Colonialism” to “Capitalism” by terrorizing small countries with it’s ideals. This country hasn’t grown into anything more than a breeding ground for greed and ignorance. I don’t want our children to think that we built the foundation of this “free” country by enslaving those who aren’t able to defend themselves. How can we look up to those who advertise for and allow their sponsors to condone these living conditions amongst any human being? I question our ability to grow as a human race without having the knowledge and compassion to change the corruption that exists in our society.
- Alicia

I am a worker, just not for Nike. I am a Business Administration student at a Catholic University. I first learned of Nike when going to debate Business Ethics. I enrolled into college to put an end to favotitism within business and make the entire industry one of respect. one where all workers get the righteous treatment they deserve.
- Dustin Hamer


March 10th, 2010

Team Sweat:

The men of Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona, are certainly living out the Jesuit call of being “men for others.” Check out their emails to Nike CEO, Mark Parker about Nike’s sweatshop abuses overseas. This is what it means to struggle in solidarity with one’s brothers and sisters.

Peace, Jim Keady


Hello Mr. Parker, I am currently watching Jim Keady talk about the
grotesque contradictions in Nike policies concerning wages for workers
in Indonesia. I urge you to live up to the claims you make about your
desire to maintain fairness and equality in the global workplace.
Transparency in your business model is just the FIRST step toward
creating a fair environment for workers. I hope you value your
consumers enough to respect that suggestion.

- Scott Franz, Senior at Brophy College Preparatory

I am currently sitting in the Brophy bleachers and just watched a phenomenal presentation by Jim Keady. I just wanted to say that I am and athlete and I have been wearing your products my whole life, and I am very embarrassed right now for supporting Nike. Please correct the major flaws in your company and help those employees of yours. Thanks!

- John LaVanway

This woman is probably somebody’s mother. If I treated your mother like that what would you do? If you could be the richest man in history, would you put your family into hard labor like this?

Good job Mark.

Hey Mr. Parker, I’m sitting in the Brophy College Preparatory bleachers, in Phoenix, AZ, listening to a presentation by Jim Keady. I learned about the Nike sweat shops, living conditions, and wages and would like you to help make a change and give the workers what they deserve.

- Thank you, Jeff

Mr. Parker,

Please stop exploiting factory workers. They are people too. Maybe you should try out for the new reality tv show, undercover boss, I think it would get your corporation some real good publicity.

- Regards, Zanezor Waxman

Jim Keady just gave a presentation at my high school about Nike labor issues. Mr. Parker would you please make slight changes in your workers wages because it would not affect your company too much and it would finally make Jim Keady stop doing his presentations. Please!

- Patrick Crane

Mr. Parker,

Tiger Woods is worth that much money to you, but does he make the gear that you sell? Take some positive action. Just do it.

-Brophy Student

Mr. Parker,

Hey I just heard a presentation by Jim… Are you really OK with how you are treating the workers?

- Jonathan Charlton

Mr. Parker,

I’m watching Jim Keady in the Brophy college prep gym and I am very embarrassed to have even bought a single Nike product in my lifetime. Nike is a horrible company and I’m glad I now know, I will not buy or wear another Nike product until things change for factory workers.

- Matthew Brant

Mr. Parker,

I’m sitting in the bleachers at my high school listening to Jim Keaty talk about your product. I’m shocked and appalled at what I’ve learned about wages for workers that Nike is responsible for. That being said I can tell you right now that I will not be buying anything Nike until conditions change, and will be encouraging others to follow in my footsteps.

- Thank you, Matthew Johnson
Brophy College Prep, class of 2010

Hello, I’m in Brophy Prep’s gym as a senior and a state champion athlete and I must say you are a horrible person. How about you spend a month in Indonesia? I can truly guarantee you I will never spend another cent on or supporting the slave labor trader that is Nike. Thank you.

- Austin Pietrobono

Hey Mr. Parker my name is Frank Zimmerman and I think you need to fix factory wages and respect human dignity. It’s very messed up how the workers live. I have bought Nike my whole life and now will never buy from you again unless you change.

- Frank

Mr. Parker,

I am sitting in the Gym at Brophy College Preparatory listening to Jim Keady. We learned about the Nike sweatshops, and I am disgusted. I am taking a vow to not buy Nike products until there is proof that Nike changes their ways! Please stop the use of sweatshops.
Thank You.

- Jack Wentworth

Dear Mr. Parker,

My name is Nick and I go to Brophy College Preparatory and at this moment right now Jim Keady is speaking to me about the Nike sweat shops that exist. I am utterly appalled. I have Nike products, and it makes me sick to think that the products I wear were created by laborers who are barely making enough money for food, living in slums, and working for hours and hours on end to the point of exhaustion. I know you want to ignore this and be indifferent but I ask in all seriousness to please do something about this because you cannot deny that something is wrong. As a customer, I demand that a change is made, a change that honors human dignity.

Thank you for listening and I hope to see changes soon.

- Nick

Mr. Parker,

Right now I am sitting in my high school gym listening to the behind the swoosh presentation with Mr. Jim Keady. This is a very interesting presentation and I am intrigued with the information that has been presented to me and my fellow students. Honestly, I love nike products but I am very disappointed with the truth behind the swoosh that I wear. If nike can improve the means by which they produce their products I would be overjoyed. Every one of my friends wears and supports Nike but after this information I strongly believe that we, as christian men with christian ideals, will no longer support your products. We will advocate against the injustices made by Nike and continue to pressure Nike and companies like it to improve their means of production. I will check up on the progress Nike makes for years to come but I will not be receiving my information Nike rather I will stay in contact with Team Sweat to hear the truth.

Thank you for your time.

- Jeff Knutsen

Hey Mr. Parker,

I just wanted to inform you that I will no longer be wearing your
clothing line and cleats. I am an athlete and have been a frequent
Nike soccer cleat owner over the past few years. I wore your workout
shirts and my soccer club is sponsored by you.I have decided that
until you change your policies and your approach towards your workers
and their wages in Indonesia and other countries I am going to stop
purchasing and wearing your product and am going to avidly express my
serious disappointment in what I thought was a successful model for
business in the United States.


Dear Mark Parker,

I am from Brophy College Preparatory and I just want to tell and ask some generic questions. How are you able to hold your head up high and feel good at night when you go to sleep? I have just seen Jim Keady’s presentation about what your company does and is doing in 52 different countries and as an athlete, I feel terrible that I personally have supported what you are doing in your sweat shops. I don’t know how you can sit in your office during the day when you know that the people who are making your products work twice as many hours as you and you get paid an immensely larger amount for half the time. Personally I believe that you should be ashamed of yourself because you have set a standard that is intolerable. You are sick!

Ryan Woodburn
Brophy College Preparatory

Hello Mr. Parker,

My name is Daniel Bohnert. I am a senior at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona. I sent you a short email earlier today, but it was only limited to 160 characters, so I wanted to send you this full email to tell you how i really feel towards Nike. Jim Keady spoke at our school today to tell us about the travesties your company is doing to people all across the world. I love you Nike products, they are the best, but i won’t buy a single item from you ever again until you change the way you do business. In fact, I recently purchased Nike Hurache cleats. They are lightweight, durable, and strong, but i can’t and won’t keep them. I will be returning them when i get home.

Have a great day, and think about the impact you are making on millions of people across the world.

Human dignity is important. I would hope you would feel the same way.

- Daniel Bohnert

Mr. Parker:

Today I attended an assembly “Behind the Swoosh” during our school’s annual Summit on Human Dignity. Our summit focuses on dignifying the rights of every human being, and this year’s topic is on globalization and the economy. I was appalled to learn about the conditions of Indonesian workers who help produce your product, and the low wages and conditions that your company offers. As a teacher, athletic trainer, and parent of 2 children, know that I refuse to buy another Nike product for me and my family, and I will do everything in my power to let others know of these atrocities, until Nike puts more of their $1.5 billion profits into dignifying the lives of their workers with reasonable wages.

Christopher A. White MS LAT
Head Athletic Trainer/Health & PE Dept Chair
Arizona Athletic Trainers Association, Publicity/Promotion Committee Chair
Brophy College Preparatory

Dear Mr. Parker,

Today at my school Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona Jim Keady gave us a presentation on Nike and the sweatshops that your employees work in. He informed me that workers in factories that make your products are not being paid living wages. I do not understand when Nike makes over one billion dollars a year, they can’t afford to pay their employees fair wages. I do not see myself buying any Nike products in the future until you pay factory workers fair wages. Thank you.

I joined Team Sweat because I go to Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona, and Mr. Jim Keady talked to our school about the injustice of sweatshops and it influenced me and informed me on what is going on and I am vouching to not buy from Nike and try to make Nike change their policies.

- Anthony Fischetti

Mr. Parker,

I would like to inform you that thanks to Mr. Jim Keady, I am no longer going to purchase any of your products due to the fact of how your products are made and how your employees on the assembly line are treated in foreign countries. I also hope that you are enjoying the other 1300 emails you are receiving from fellow classmates and teachers at Brophy College Prep.


Hal Gibbs

Dear Mr. Parker and Nike:

I wanted to express the unrest I have recently gone through. I was informed, through a number of workshops, videos, and talks with people who have first-hand experiences the effects of your incredibly low wages in places like Indonesia, like Jim Keaty. I have all of a sudden become sick to my stomach to learn that I have been part of the tearing apart of families, the starvation of hundreds of thousands, and the incredibly low living standards of countless people due to the Nike factory environment and wages by purchasing Nike products. I have made a vow, to myself, to those who have shared first-hand experiences of the horror in Nike factories, but most importantly, to the diligent and wrongly abused workers of Nike factories, to not purchase, wear, or promote the Nike products until I and the thousands of others disgusted by the terrible conditions are informed and shown proof of the improvement of such factories in places like Indonesia.

Thank you for taking the time to read my dilemmas and concerns. I truly hope that there will be a change for the better in Nike’s factories.

Sincerely, James Wentworth

Mr. Mark Parker,

Today, at my school, Brophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, Az.), Jim Keady gave a presentation as a part of his Team Sweat campaign. Before Jim Keady’s presentation I knew nothing about the sweatshop labor that Nike and many other companies use to produce their products. I own many Nike products including: Nike Tiempo shoes, various collared shirts, and shorts that I wear on a daily basis. I often wore Nike apparel from head to toe because I believed it was a good product with an even better reputation. There used to be kids who envied my Tiempos as I walked around school. Now after Mr. Keady’s presentation wearing Nike apparel is frowned upon in my school’s community.

In his presentation Mr. Keady gave the statistic that the price for labor, on average, per shoe is 2 dollars and 43 cents and the overall cost per shoe is around 16 dollars. This is insane knowing that your company sells shoes that range anywhere from 40 dollars to 200 dollars. Just a little math for you… That is a 250 percent to a 1250 percent margin of profit! How can you justify paying laborers 2 dollars and 43 cents to make a shoe where you will make a profit of anywhere from 250 percent to 1250 percent? The least you could do is pay the workers in the sweatshops anywhere from double or triple what they currently make. By raising the price of labor you could put this pay raise directly into the price of the shoe that the consumer pays. I know that a five or ten dollar difference in the price of my Tiempos would not have effected whether or not I bought them.

I highly encourage that you make a change with this problem and many of the other problems that I have not stated in this e-mail. Mr. Parker it is only a matter of time until this knowledge about your company’s unfair sweatshop labor gets out to everyone who is a consumer of your product and directly affects your sales.

Ben Jackson (Brophy College Preparatory Junior)

What you are doing is ridiculous! You need to start thinking about others, not just about yourself.


My dad works at Brophy and he showed me the Behind the Swoosh video. I don’t care about money. I care about people.

Sam, Age 10

Hello Mr. Parker,

First some background on my situation. I am a sophomore at Brophy College Preparatory, a Jesuit high school in Phoenix Arizona. Every year we undergo a two-week long Summit on Human Dignity. This year’s topic was globalization and one of the speakers at our Summit was Mr. Keady of Team Sweat. His words and presentation today at a school-wide assembly as well as a much smaller Q&A session have really hit home with me. After watching his video about living in Indonesia on the wages paid to employees at your shoe-manufacturing factories and hearing his presentation, I have really truly been shocked and appalled at how Nike as well as the rest of big business corporations in regards to the working and living conditions of these sweat shop employees.

I realize that to you and the rest of the Nike corporation that making money is the most important thing or at the very least one of you top priorities but is it really necessary to put these people through such poor conditions just to make sure your products are produced at a high level? Is there no way you can spare even a marginal amount of money to help better the lives of your sweat shop workers not only in Indonesia but all across the globe. Though you and your company have certainly gotten the business aspect of life down what with your elite quality and income but you have neglected the human aspect of the people you impact. I do not know you personally and therefore cannot pass no judgment on you as a person but I cannot imagine how a person would neglect to help the young, uneducated boy sitting in a workers slum being poisoned by burning rubber trash who desperately needs those in power to stand up for him or the countless others like him. It might not mean much to your nor your business but know that from this day forth I will do my best to avoid purchasing or advertising your products in order to stand in solidarity with these poor laborers in an effort to win them better wages and conditions. I have little doubt in my mind that this email will not make much of an impact on the large scale but I beg you as a person with great power in the corporate world as well as just a human being who has a duty to help others to take some time to really think this through and try to make an effort just to get these people enough money to survive reasonably. Thank you for your time and I hope you are moved to help those who truly need it.

- Ian C. Beck
Class of 2012

I joined Team Sweat because I feel that what Nike is doing is very inhumane and terrible. It should be stopped and the only way to stop it is to not buy Nike products and put the company in economic pressure.

- Cameron Breen


I am currently sitting in Jim Keady’s “Behind the Swoosh”
presentation. I think what you’re doing to workers all over the world
is sick. You need to raise the wages of workers so that I can even
contemplate wearing Nike ever again. You are destroying the
livelihood of fellow human beings. I hope that you take this into
consideration and start to take responsibility for what you are doing
to millions of people throughout the world. Change your policies!
Thank you.

-Lauryn Bryant

Mr. Parker

Who can speak out for your workers in the sweatshops around the world? That is the job for us, the students and Americans who do have a voice in what happens around the world. Jim Keady is helping us speak out for your workers in Indonesia.
As I am thinking about the amount of money that Nike makes, it still shocks me how blatantly you guys lie to the public and the customers. Trying to protect your image as a company is one thing, but having to contradict yourselves and lie about policies to make yourself look better is unacceptable. First off, why do you have to cover up? And why would you, as a creation of God, treat your fellow humans in a less than humane way?

I wonder if you’re actually going to read this, or if you have stopped listening to the voices speaking out. Because that would suck.

Thank you,
Jasper Liu

Hello Mr. Parker,

I just heard Jim Keady speak at my school and I am personally outraged
with the sweatshop practices in Indonesia which are run by Nike. I am
emailing to ask you to raise wages and change your practices. Please
lead your company to fair working wages. Thank you.


Mark, I am proud that im not wearing the swoosh. Your sweatshops are not right and i won’t buy more of your products until you justify this and neither will anybody else at Brophy. Think about it.

- Anonymous

I’m sitting in the gym right now listening to Mr. Keady and i think you really need to change. No humans should live that way.

- Anonymous

Mr. Parker,

I sat through a presentation given by Team Sweat. To start off, I am appalled at how you treat your workers. In my statistics class, we calculated what it would cost you to give your workers fair wages and it’s a very reasonable number. Why don’t you just give them what you owe them and treat them like people? Do you realize that would help you in advertising. Maybe a little “We are the only athletic company to give our employees fair wages” could help jump start your new campaign for a better future.

I refuse to buy Nike products at this point, but if you were a fair corporation, I wouldn’t mind buying your products. And Mr. Parker, this is only going to get worse for you. Let’s just say I tell one other person what you’re doing and they tell someone. In a day, we could let the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area how corrupt your company is. I might be a high school senior, but I sure as hell have a passion and won’t give up until its fixed. Where’s your heart and love for these HUMAN BEINGS? They are humans too, just like you. Give them the conditions they deserve. PLEASE!

- Kyle Underseth

Mr. Parker,

I have known that sweatshops exist around the globe, but I never would have imagined Nike as one of the corporations that mistreats its employees. Jim Keady came to my high school, Brophy College Preparatory, last week and shared with us all of the secrets your corporation hides from us. I find it absolutely revolting that you have the nerve to take advantage of people who can find no other way to survive other than to practically beg from you. I have seen the conditions that many of these Nike “employees” live in, and I can not remain on the sidelines as a bystander any longer. Now that I am aware of what you do, I plan on informing everyone I know of the sins your corporation is committing against other humans. As much as I would love to burn my old pair of Nike shoes – I know that would be harmful to the environment, so I have donated them to charity. I will never again wear another Nike product until you raise the wages of Nike employees to living conditions. By living conditions I mean that they make enough money to have shelter; enough food so that no woman, man, or child goes hungry; to purchase medicine or receive medical treatment for a sick family member; and all other basic necessities that human require to live. As of now they aren’t even receiving the basic necessities, so I hope you can find the courage in your heart to do what is right for our brothers and sisters. You will be hearing from me now and in the news until Nike increases the wages for its employees in Indonesia.

Cody Ward

P.S. Do what is right.

Mr. Parker,

“Green Shoes” would be the smartest marketing idea that you could make. You say that you are doing Nike buyers a service by keeping your prices “low”. I think that you underestimate your consumers. I think that if you had a new campaign saying that you were raising your prices by five dollars because you were raising wages for the workers in Indonesia. Not only would you add consumers to your product that you originally turned off, there would be a HUGE following of people who are buying your shoes because it is “cool” to be socially aware. I mean look at the “green movement”. People will buy anything that has a world, recycle sign, or something green on it. Why? Because it is fashionable and just cool. Look at Toms Shoes. They look like colored toilet paper wrapped around your feet, yet they are very popular because when you buy them you feel like you are doing something important because it is a big sign that you are doing something socially responsible. People love being noticed, they think it is cool to help out, but if they can be recognized for it everywhere they go?! That would be an incredible marketing move. You would have fashionable shoes that are more expensive (and with that, they would be more exclusive and “hip”), they would show everyone that the wearer is “globally conscious” and that will attract the consumer even more. This new line of shoes would boost profits by a lot, and you would be helping your workers live a better life.

Thank You for the time spent reading this email
Joe Milligan


February 19th, 2010


February 19th, 2010


February 19th, 2010


February 19th, 2010


February 19th, 2010

More consumers join the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses

November 16th, 2009


(I joined Team Sweat because) Jim came to my school and inspired me.
- Dylan Nolan

I’ve played soccer all my life, and for most of I have used Nike cleats because I think that they are really comfortable. I saw your video a few months ago and since then I have been trying to find Athletic companies that make soccer cleats that don’t use sweatshops, or exploit people in any way. I haven’t found any yet. I was wondering if there is any brand that is fair trade that makes soccer cleat? If you guys could email that would be awesome, and very appreciated. I believe in what you guys are doing also if there is any way to get involved, please email me. Thank you.
- Rico Cabrera

@Rico… There currently is not a major brand that is “sweatfree” that supplies soccer boots. So, I would encourage you to do what I do. Cut the logos off your shoes or cover them up. Yes, we have to wear something to play, but we do not have to walking advertisements for companies that are not in line with our values. Peace, Jim Keady

Jim Keady went to my school, Fordham Prep, and his story touched me and inspired me to help my brothers and sisters that suffer everyday. I am going to raise awareness in my old school which has about 400 children and I’m telling my best friend who goes to another high school and now he is going to address the subject to his class president and religion teachers. I want more ideas to help stop this devilish scheme.
- Tony Pecorelli

It (the Nike sweatshop issue) was discussed in class and I want to be part of it (Team Sweat).
- Harbakshish Singh

I am passionate about human rights and specifically the rights of children. I am also convinced that one of the problems is the demand that a disposable society with expectations of cheap products places on companies. I also believe that we need to be willing to spend more and buy smartly as consumers to send the message to companies.
- Lisa Acheson

I attended your session at Rutgers University-Camden today and wanted to let you know how wonderful I think you are doing. I do plenty of volunteer work helping all different areas of the world. My main charity is helping end child hunger in America. Needless to say I was very honored to attend your session and wanted to let you know that. If you need any help when it comes to spreading the word, please let me know. I would love to be involved in another charity or good organization that involves helping the less fortunate.
- Stephanie

I always try to buy sweatshop free products. The injustice that takes place is something I want to help educate more people about. We have a choice every time we buy something, what we buy is what we support. and if more people knew what they were supporting then I believe they would make different decisions. Thanks for all the work you do!
- Jessica

(I joined Team Sweat) because I believe in the cause.
- Erica Sheeley

It is starting to make me angry that Nike pays very little for more than hard work. And i have a good idea for what we should do to get a small group (10 or 15 people) to be heard.
- Matthew Phillips

Hi Jim,

I took 2 of my junior high girl scouts (Marcy, Marissa) to see your presentation on Thursday, 10/8 at Wilmington College in Ohio. The girls took it upon themselves to, that very night, decorate tee shirts with a message about this issue. My daughter wore hers to school the next day. They also did a pair of jeans the next evening to complete their outfit. I have attached photos for you to see. My daughter did get comments and her teachers were impressed with what she had to tell them about the meaning behind her shirt.

I just wanted to share with you, that it may be a small statement, but the word is getting out! Thanks for a great presentation.

Patty Grice
Girl Scout Troop 795

I work for SEIU and no matter where workplace abuses are taking place in this world, we need to fight back the evils of the super wealthy and powerful.
- Lance Lindeman

I have followed sweatshop abuses for many years, and being an educator, have exposed many students to problems. Thanks to the work of Jim and Leslie, and of Charlie and others at the National Labor Committee, progress is being made. Sure, it is slow, but it is a step forward. Keep on stepping, Jim, and more and more of us will follow you.
- Todd Forman

Well, I was just at a presentation by Jim Keady and was really touched. I was aware of sweatshops and that Nike was a company who participated in inhuman activity. However, I was never present the opportunity to join the cause to stop Nike and this presentation gives me that opportunity.
- Melissa Archuleta

A presentation was done at our college, Saint Martins University and took quite an impact on me. I want to join and contribute to bringing justice to this issue.
- Chanell Sagon

I saw Jim speak at Saint Martin’s University and was moved by his presentation. This is an issue that requires mass amounts of people to stand up and fight. I am joining this fight. I cannot feel comfortable here in America having everything that I need and most of the stuff I want when there is an injustice so terrible being funded and supported by an enormous American corporation. I realize that there will always be injustice somewhere in the world but Nike is a company that has the ability and the money to change the world, and with great power comes great responsibility. It is time for Nike to stop abusing this power.
- Ben Surgalski

Jim Keady had visited my school, CBA, and I agree with his cause. I want these workers to be able to have good standards of living.
- Louis Poggioli

I believe that we must put a stop the many injustices that Nike has been participating in through their continued use of sweatshops in Indonesia.
- Nick Avino

I’m joining team sweat because of the inspirational lecture Jim Keady delivered at Bucknell University. I am really interested in human rights, which can sometimes be an overwhelming topic because the issues are so large and make you feel so helpless. The progress that Jim Keady has made in his pursuit of workers’ rights in Indonesia gives hope to all of us trying to advocate for human rights. I would love to contribute to the progress made in this worthy cause. I am going to write my email to mark parker right now.
- Erika Iouriev

I have joined team sweat because I have been researching you guys for a paper I’m doing on social movements in my persuasion class. What I’ve seen and read makes perfect sense to me and I love what is being done about it! I too am a Christian and I feel that the unfair treatment of sweatshop workers needs to be changed. I feel like I’ve been duped by Nike and I want to dupe them back!
- Ryan

I am a high school student who recently sat in a class that Mr. Keady presented to (Christian Brothers Academy) and have just been thinking about the goals of Team Sweat. I also just want to be a part of something that not only is just trying to take down a single world known company, but the overall problem that sweatshops and unfair labor is involved with.
- William Gerard

I just learned about (Nike’s) sweatshops and I’m disgusted with the working conditions in Indonesia, China, and everywhere else. I’m embarrassed that I’ve contributed to this fact as a consumer, and I’m going to do all I can to try to change this. I’m going to tell everyone I know about these conditions and I will never buy another (Nike) product as long as I live. (I’m only 19 years old…)
- Sydnay Youtz

While I learned about it (Nike’s sweatshops), stopped buying Nike, and bought the (Behind the Swoosh) DVD almost 3 years ago, I was reminded tonight at Jim’s talk of the importance of your mission. It made me super happy that he called my Catholic Jesuit university on selling/branding their athletes with Nike; it angered me when I first came to school and saw that - I don’t remember learning about how sweatshops were a part of Catholic Social Teaching…
- Mary Henneberry

I’m from Surabya, Indonesia. I heard about this program from Mr.Keady’s presentation at Creighton University on 11/12/2009. I want to show my support and offer any help I can contribute to the team.
- Ayu Pertiwi

I heard you on the fitness rocks podcast ( I enjoy Nike and think they can do better…I’ll try and do my bit to help you.
- Troy Jensen

Students and Faculty from Wilmington College Speak Out Against Nike’s Sweatshops

October 25th, 2009

Check out these students and faculty from Wilmington College (OH) speaking out AGAINST Nike’s sweatshop abuses and FOR living wages and union contracts for Nike’s factory workers.

Students from Rutgers University-Camden Speak Out about Nike’s Sweatshops

October 25th, 2009

Check out these students from Rutgers University-Camden (NJ) speaking out AGAINST Nike’s sweatshop abuses and FOR living wages and union contracts for Nike’s factory workers.

Students from Fordham Prep HS (NYC) are speaking out on Nike’s sweatshops

October 25th, 2009

Check out these “Men for Others” from Fordham Prep HS in NYC speaking out for worker justice and living wages and against Nike’s sweatshop abuses.

A swimmer speaks out about Nike’s sweatshops

October 25th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Below is a letter to Nike CEO, Mark Parker from Sarah Meyers, a swimmer and student at St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA.

Have you sent your email to Mr. Parker yet?

His email address is

Peace, Jim Keady


Mr. Parker,

My name is Sarah Meyers and I am a student at Saint Martin’s University. Yesterday afternoon I attended a presentation by Jim Keady and I was amazed at what he had to say, and amazed at the proof he brought with him. Jim informed me that out of the 6 billion people on this earth, only 1% has a college education. I am on my way toward being in that lucky 1% of humanity.

I was wondering if you K N E W of the power you, and Nike, has to change thousands and thousands of people’s lives. Do you know?

Do you even know what a DOLLAR is worth to some people? To most people? To thousands of your employees? (and YES they are Nike’s employees because they work in a giant building with NIKE on it, and build all of Nike’s products etc) A dollar is a huge deal to them. It’s their daily bread. They get to spend one per day. What would you do if you could only spend one dollar per day? Do you think you couldn’t do it? Neither could I. You are forcing this neighborhood, these families, to do something impossible.

I have talked to my swim team coach back home, and we will not be purchasing Nike swim gear until your company stops the lies, and pays your employees what they are worth as human beings.


Sarah C. Meyers

A longtime Nike consumer speaks out about Nike’s sweatshops

October 14th, 2009

I live in Oregon. In some ways I have benefitted from that association with Nike, but I cannot in good conscience say it is OK for Nike to treat people internationally the way they do. I use Nike products. I especially enjoy my Nike Plus to measure distances and times of my runs. I even have some personal connections with the people at Nike and with the company. I even bought Blue Ribbon Shoes out of the back of Phil Knight’s van when I was in high school in the 1960s. But I cannot condone their employment of sweatshops to produce their products.

- Steve Modee

A passionate letter to Nike CEO, Mark Parker

October 14th, 2009

Team Sweat,

Here is a note that was sent to Nike CEO, Mark Parker by a Team Sweat supporter. Have you emailed Mark?

Peace, Jim Keady


I am disgusted in Nike and the treatment of their workers…Yes they are NIKE’s WORKERS (tell Phil Knight I said so) they make the products Nike puts on the shelves. I am going to share with everyone I know how Nike is a profit monster and does not pay it’s factory workers enough money to live a dignified life. How can you continue to work for a company who does not pay workers enough money to live with their kids in an 8×8 square cement box? I’m sure your office is bigger than 8×8 & you wouldn’t be able to live in it for more than 1 day. I think all USA Nike employees need to take a trip to Indonesia to see for themselves how these humans are living in such despair. Your company and the way they treat human-kind makes me sick to my stomach. All people deserve to be able to feed themselves & have proper personal hygiene. You need to change the conditions of the factories & the slums these hard workers live in. Stop burning scrap rubber—do you have kids? Would you want them to inhale toxic rubber fumes?? Can you live on $1.25 a day?? You probably spend more than $1.25 on a damn cup of coffee. Individuals & the decisions they make steer the corporation. Start making some ethical decisions on Nike’s behalf.

End the Nike slavery,

Alexis N. Burgner

Check Out the Latest Additions to Team Sweat

September 25th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Here are comments from some of Team Sweat’s newest members.


Peace, Jim Keady


I want to help end exploitation NOW!
- Elizabeth Ortlieb

(I’m) against Nike’s sweatshops!!!!
- Fajar Botex

I want to make trade fair and stop the worker abuse.
- Oi

Ever since my freshmen year of high school, I have been heavily involved in social justice. I have worked with United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and have also founded our school’s first social justice group. Not only have we informed students about the many injustices which is occurring throughout the world, we have joined in on actions against Chipotle’s “Food with dignity” slogan (hypocrisy). “Behind The Swoosh” has just made me even more motivated to fight against greedy companies like Nike.
-Jeffery Tso

I hate to see injustice like this. I want to buy Nike running shoes as they’re a good product, but I won’t on principle due to the worker’s conditions.
- William R Aldridge

(I joined Team Sweat) because I want to help make a difference.
- Tara Johnson

As a fellow human it is disturbing to me to see the attitude of a corporate giant towards another human being. To whom much is given much is required. Those in a place of leadership and power should be the example of what to do and how to treat your fellow human. They should be living with a higher standard. It is disgraceful and saddens me to see this.
- Trey Brush

I don’t often use Nike equipment but I’m shocked by the treatment reported in the Phedipidations interview. I’m sending my email to (Nike CEO) Mark Parker now!
- David Yelland

I heard you guys on Phedippidations and I want to add my name to (the campaign). I can’t do much but I am sure I can drum up interest amongst my friends and community and we could send postcards as you suggest. Also if purchasing a t-shirt can help I can do that and show others. I can generally make your cause known with whomever I meet especially in some of the independent running stores I visit and direct them to the website. I hope that maybe of some use to you.

Cheers, Matt

I have long avoided purchases of NIKE products because of their unfair labor practices. I am happy to hear of your organization through Steve Runner and am glad to join the fight!
- Susanna McDonald

I heard about you on Phedipidations. I like your style and agree with your message. I am a Buddhist who respects people of true continence and conviction when it comes to making this world a better place for all to live in. You are doing this and I would like to support you in whatever small way i can. Thank you for your efforts.
- Dan Harrell

(I joined Team Sweat) because I’m disappointed in the way Nike treats their workers in the third world.
- Kevin Hicks

(I joined Team Sweat because I) listened to the Phidipidations podcast. Good luck.
- Robert Harris

I just listened to Steve Runners podcast. Very enlightening. I’m posting on my website.
- Connie Roush

I wanted to pass on to you a promo that I produced. It is made of audio clips of college students and one worker from videos on your site, as well as portions of the interview with Steve Runner last week.

Please feel free to use it in any way that you wish. This is MY way of gettin my voice out ther.

You can find the audio at .

Running the Straight and Narrow,
Steven Platt

I was moved by Jim’s presentation in my class at Temple University today 9-14-09. Every human being deserves to earn a living wage. Lets end this slavery!!
- Alexis Burgner

Have been listening to Steve Runner discuss this the past few weeks. Disturbing stuff. So, I want to be educated first. Then i can make informed decision as to what level I support Team Sweat and/or Nike. I don’t think someone should blindly become active without knowing what they are supporting.
- Rich Davey

I joined Team Sweat because just after I bought myself a nice Nike jacket I found out about the terrible things they are doing by taking advantage of their workers. It makes me sad that I had unknowingly contributed to a terrible company waging terrible crimes upon humanity. I will not buy another Nike product until I can do so without aiding them in these crimes.
- Nathan Bunting

I just heard about it on episode of Phidipations by Steve Runner on my run today and decided to check it out on my own. While I havent been a big consumer of Nike products, I do have some. I totally agree any corporation making millions in profits, paying spokespeople billions, (spending) billions in advertising can be responsible and pay all their workers a livable wage and make sure anyone making their products is treated fairly. Too much corporate greed is ruining this country.
- Bruce McIntosh

Marathon Runner #3 Speaks out on Nike’s Sweatshops

September 25th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Here’s another marathon runner telling Nike CEO, Mark Parker to “Just Do It” with regard to workers’ rights. Check out his photo and how he has covered up the Nike “swooshes” with tape.

Peace, Jim Keady


Mr Parker,

I am writing this e-mail to inform you that I will not buy any more Nike products until an independent organization like TeamSweat acknowledges a significant improvement of working conditions in Nike’s factories in Southeast Asia.

I live in Germany and have been a serious runner since 12 years. I have always worn your shoes and apparel. In fact, my first serious running shoes were a pair of Nike Air Edge Max, and I loved them. Currently my favorite shoes are my Nike Air Zoom Elite, which I wore during three Marathon races. I also like my pair of Nike Free because of the barefoot feeling.

I would love to buy their respective successors when my old ones will be worn off, but I can’t.

Research by the people of TeamSweat, an organization founded by Jim Keady, showed the miserable living conditions of the people who make the Nike products in your factories in Indonesia. When I saw the video “Behind The Swoosh” and read about Jim’s work I asked myself two questions:

1. Wouldn’t the people be worse off if they hadn’t these underpaid jobs at Nike? Obviously there are no better jobs there. My answer: Yes, they would be worse off. But not much worse. And Nike as the market leader would have the opportunity to make their lives better. Just use some of the money you would otherwise pay to celebrities like Jordan or Woods to increase the wages of the factory workers. So, in my eyes, Nike is not responsible for the poor living conditions in Indonesia, but you are responsible for not improving those conditions.

2. Why accuse Nike and not all the other companies that do the same? The answer: I know that other companies also pay very low wages and have their workers spend long hours in the factories. But you have to start somewhere. Nike is the market leader, so TeamSweat focuses on Nike. Bad luck for you! But you have the choice: pay your workers decently, and you will improve both their lives and your company image considerably.

The awareness of poor working conditions in developing countries is growing in Germany. Small companies like the Hamburg-based running store company Lunge ( , ) build own factories in Germany because they recognized the poor quality of shoes made in the sweat shops. They are very successful with their high-quality clear-conscience not-at-all-fancy shoes. The running community is big and well connected. News about the behavior of companies like Nike, whether bad (today) or good (tomorrow?) will spread like wildfire.

Use your power to make the world better! I want to buy a brand new pair or Nike Free as soon as possible. Today this is impossible for me.

Kind regards,

Peter Gerngross

Marathon Runner #2 Speaks out on Nike’s Sweatshops

September 25th, 2009

Team Sweat:

The following letter was sent this week to Nike CEO, Mark Parker. Check out the photo of the author with tape over his Nike swooshes.

Peace, Jim Keady

Mr. Parker,

I am contacting you as a long time fan of Nike products that has recently been enlightened to some aspects of the Nike Corp. that do not make me feel comfortable wearing and supporting the brand.

As a long distance runner, I have always turned to Nike for the latest in shoe technology. As I use three pairs of running shoes a year, I can always count on Nike to provide the most advanced, and comfortable shoe. I have grown up on the Nike brand and believed I shared the same values of my hero Steve Prefontaine and the corporation; strive to be the best and never give up.

I recently watched a short film at; I believe you are familiar with this group, which had some very enlightening details regarding Nike working conditions outside of the U.S. The movie was disturbing to say the least, and I would think that a powerhouse company like Nike would have the power, financial backing and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to change the culture of these business practices. If not Nike, then who? I understand this is outsourced work, but I would think that Nike would align itself with companies that share like-minded standards.

I find it extremely awkward and alarming that Nike would pay millions of dollars to professional athletes to sponsor Nike in the US, who do not need the money, and not pay the workers manufacturing the products across seas enough to afford a decent meal.

I have heard the argument that Nike has made improvements to these conditions, but I am having trouble locating information regarding the improvements. I believe that this information should be available to the public. Is there documentation that will dispute point on Nike’s unfair labor practices? I would like to be open-minded about this, but the evidence thus far is overwhelming against Nike.

I hope to hear back from you soon. I am running the Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2009, an event that has Nike as a sponsor. It will be the last event that I volunteer for that is sponsored by Nike if I do not see that improvements have been made. I also plan on wearing a well broken in pair of Nike shoes for that marathon. Unfortunately; I will be placing a piece of duct tape over the swoosh on my Air Zooms and all other visible swooshes on my apparel. If questioned, I will spread the word about the video I saw and how Nike treats the people making their product. I know that this campaign will pale in comparison to your high priced golf pros and other athletes that peddle your product, but if I can raise awareness to just one of my 40,000 fellow runners on the racecourse, I will be at peace with myself. As someone who ran 6 marathons last year, and 9 in the last three years, and many, many other races, I will be covering a lot of mileage with my message.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Mark Moniuszko

A Marathon Runner Speaks Out on Nike’s Sweatshops

September 15th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Here is a letter that a marathon runner sent to Nike CEO, Mark Parker this week. I thought it might inspire you to take the time to write to Mr. Parker about Nike’s sweatshop abuses. His email address is

Peace, Jim Keady

Mr. Parker,

I listened to the most recent episode of the popular running podcast
“Phedippidations “today. It featured an hour long interview with a man I think you know - Jim Keady of Team Sweat. I was already aware of reports about the working conditions of people in Nike factories around the world, and it already bothered me. This podcast made me really think about the issue.

I have worn Nike shoes and exercise apparel for more than three
decades. My closet is full of Nike gear.

Jim Keady’s interview was compelling and I have to say that I will not
buy any additional Nike products until I have heard from your company
that Nike is changing their labor practices. I recognize that Nike is
not the only corporation involved with poor working conditions, but you
are certainly one of the most visible for people like me who spend much
of their life engaged in sports.

I first learned about Nike as kid running high school track in Texas in
the mid 70’s. A new kid who was the current junior national champion in
the mile moved to our town from Oregon. He showed up the first day of
track practice wearing a goofy looking pair of shoes with a waffle
bottom. The shoes weren’t available in our town and without the
internet it took a considerable effort for any of us to get a pair - but
we did, and we loved them. Since that time I have always viewed Nike as
a company with whom I shared a common vision, which I realize is naive.
But, I really believed you were all about running and sports and the
people who used your products. I believed, for no obvious reason, that
you were a good corporate citizen because you shared a bond with me as a
runner. That’s nonsensical, I know, but it isn’t a bad image for you to
have - is it?

I also have a podcast - Fitness Rocks ( and I may
follow Steve Runner’s lead in producing a show about Team Sweat. I
would be very happy to offer the Nike side of the story if you, or
someone at Nike, would talk to me in a telephone interview. I would
sincerely like you to convince me, and my listeners, that it is OK to
buy your shoes, because I like them, and I don’t want to give them up.

But I will.


Monte Ladner, M.D.

Runners of the World Unite!

September 9th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Check out this video from the newest member of Team Sweat!

Peace, Jim Keady

More consumers join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

June 3rd, 2009

Team Sweat:

Here are more consumers that have joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses. If you would like to speak out as well, send Team Sweat a message with your comment.

Peace, Jim Keady

I saw (Behind the Swoosh) and I really want to help the workers get fair wage.
- Katie

I think Nike is very S*CK!! It’s the most capitalism product I ever known…
- Kristina Grani (Indonesia)

First of all, I’m from Indonesia and there’s a lot of people from my country that work on this GIANT CORPORATION called NIKE who have become a victim rather than a worker. Victim of deception, tricking, and insulting us as a human - who have been attacking by tens of years without knowing their rights as a worker. without knowing their rights as a human, without knowing their future has been robbed by a big big greedy giant corporation. I’m joining TEAM SWEAT to let international people know that there’s a big case of human right violation that this “BIG GREEDY GIANT CORPORATION” that have been done by tens year and counting. And until now, all the worker in here still didn’t get any rights as a human or as a worker it self from serving “the big greedy giant corporation.” By joining this team, I wish it’ll be brings a progress and hope for them.
- Boyd Soedargo

Today more than ever what is needed in the world is a sense of CONSCIENCE. When human beings are being exploited and forced to live in sub-human conditions so that other people may live in luxury this is a sin that cries to the heavens. For all the invisible, voiceless people who are enslaved by this practice I pray that the eyes and hearts of those causing the enslavement may be opened and changed.
- Sister Beth Woodward, IHM

Students from across the nation have joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses

May 13th, 2009

Students from Brebeuf Jesuit Prep and Marian College join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

May 13th, 2009

More Consumers Join the Fight Against Nike’s Sweatshops

May 7th, 2009

Team Sweat:

More consumers have joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses. If you would like your voice to be heard and for Nike to know what you think, send an email to

Peace, Jim Keady

I went to CBA, heard Jim talk at my senior retreat, and it really made me aware.
- Luke Harold


I am disgusted with Nike and their multimillion dollar athletes, making all that money and they pay workers (less than $3) a day…Disgraceful.
- Kevin Hanlon

I am so glad that I was able to meet such an inspirational person in my lifetime. James Keady is truly and absolutely the best speaker I have heard so far because of his undeniable compassion and devotion to make this world a better place for all human beings, regardless of nationality, race or religion.

I am a Temple University business student, and upon watching a short movie about Keady’s experience in Indonesia, I realized how powerful can be the voice of just one man. Subsequentlsy, the more voices you have, the more leverage there is to promote your idea. I was sitting in the very front of the class, which allowed me to see the kind of passion and dedication this man has for justice. I applaude you James and am excited to join this campaign, contributing as much as I can at this time.

Best Regards,
Kamila Sharipova

I joined Team Sweat because I think it’s disgusting to see millionare athletes enjoy endorsement money, while Nike employees in Indonesia can’t even afford to feed themselves, let alone their children on the extremely small salary that they make.

I joined Team Sweat because I’m an athlete at a Jesuit high school were we strive to be men and women with and for others. I can’t do that while supporting sweatshops such as Nike. I don’t support sweatshops, therefor I don’t support Nike.
- Christina Vlahos

People are being hurt. And I’m lucky enough to be able to help, I’m obligated to help, and more importantly, I WANT to help.
- Najla Fawal

Jim made an awesome presentation at SI Prep last week. I am now aware of the injustices that Nike and many other companies make and I want to do something about it. Heres to step 1!
- Sophia Melone

I was always aware of the existence of sweatshops for different companies, especially Nike. But nothing put it in perspective for me until I read John Perkins’ book “the Secret History of the American Empire”. What you and Leslie Kretzu did I thought was very brave and amazing thing to do. I go to a private school in Canada and am constantly surrounded by girls who consume designer products without knowing where its coming from. I must admit I was one of them. Even our athletics department uses nike and adidas. But after reading John Perkins’ book, my friends and i have vowed to only consume sweatshop free clothing. Its unfortunate that the girls that go to my school are so educated in academics, but so naive when it comes to materialistic things. Thank you for what you are doing!
- Connie

I really enjoy helping misfourtunate people in certain situations.
- Matt

I joined Team Sweat because Jim was over at Temple University a few weeks ago to speak on the social injustices of Nike. As a business major preparing to enter the business world, I believe that it is time for my generation to take a stand against such horrible business practices. I also believe that by taking a stand we can effect change and usher in an era of socially responsible business.
- Chekwube Ofili

I have had a long time interest in social justice concerns such as these. I learned of Team Sweat, particularly, from the Wilkes-Barre Peace and Justice Center.
- Athena Ford

(I joined Team Sweat because) a presentation was given about it at my high school, Loyola Academy (IL).
- Daniel Vanderbosch

I have been teaching a Peace & Justice course for over 20 years. I have tried to explore with my students the conditions in the sweatshops around the world, and help them investigate ways that they could have some impact on changing the situation.
- George Peter

Students from Shippensburg University join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 17th, 2009

Students at Loyola Academy (IL) join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 17th, 2009

Students from Loyola University-Chicago join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 17th, 2009

Students from Wheelock College join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 16th, 2009

Students from UMASS-Lowell join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 15th, 2009

More students join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 15th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Below are comments from students who have recently joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses.

Peace, Jim Keady

Our relationship to our neighbor is bound up with our relationship to God; our response to the love of God is shown to be effective in his love and service of people. Christian love of neighbor and justice cannot be seperated. For love implies an absolute demand for justice, namely a recognition of the dignity and rights of one’s neighbor. Justice … Read Moreattains its inner fullness only in love. Every person is created in the image and likeless of God, and thus God is found is every person and is deserving of justice and love. As humans, this is our responsibility.

- Sara S

I joined TeamSweat because I want to change the innocent factory workers’ lives and make our world a better place.

- Claire Vasiljevich

I joined Team Sweat because I am appalled by the horrible conditions forced upon Nike sweatshop workers. We NEED to act as “Men and Women for Others” and stop Nike!

- Samantha S.

I joined because I watched the video in my justice seminar class, and it made me really want to do something. I do not want to be part of the problem, but rather part of the solution.

- Caitlin Heller

I am a student at Loyola Academy and I am joining Team Sweat because I am applaled at the fact that such a large corporation is so negligent of their employees. They should be able to fight for themselves but because of the things that could happen to them after that, they NEED Loyola students to be men and women for others and fight for them.

- Colette Hankin

I attend Loyola Academy. I want to join Team Sweat because as human beings we are created in the image and likeness of God (Imago Dei) and we should all be entitled to a dignified life. The treatment that the Indonesians are receiving is unjust and immoral. Collectively I think we can make a difference!

- Alexandra Monacelli

I joined Team Sweat because I feel that it is my job as a Catholic girl to be active in the fight against injustice! I was so upset over the truth I recently learned behind NIKE. This is wrong and so inhumane. But I cant just go throughout my life despising the people who run NIKE. WE CAN CHANGE THIS!

- Paige

I am a sophomore from Loyola Academy. I am a hispanic student from the deep west side of Chicago and I reside in a predominantly Puerto Rican community known as Humblolt Park. Yesterday Mr. Keady presented at my school and a few days prior to the presentation my scripture class viewed his documentary “Behind the Swoosh.” When I first saw this I was immediately shocked. I had been completely oblivious to these truths throughout my entire life. I immediately felt obligated to help these people out as much as I can, and was very excited when I was told that Mr. Keady was coming to present. The presentation was truly inspirational to me. Although I was moved I could feel the blunt ignorance of my peers, that realization gave me even more inspiration to take action and to try and do as much as I possibly can to help. I am not from the north shore nor do I own many designer brands or an i-touch. But what I am ensured everyday is a warm bed to sleep in and sufficient meals to get me through everyday. And the fact that many other people in the world never see these simple and often overlooked aspects of life saddens me deeply. I have decided to take a stand and try and get involved as much as I possibly can. I am very good with art and design and want to help this orginaztion get the message across through visual medias. I know that the members are very busy, but if anyone can contact me back and let me know what I can do i would be very willing. Thank you.

- Luis Marin

I joined Team Sweat because I currently attend a Jesuit high school and I have been taught to give every person on this planet the same chance at a life with dignity that I have been given. Nike and other companies take advantage of those who have no voice in this world and I hope they can have the oppurtunity to earn a living wage that can help them live their life with ease.

- Will Abraham

I can’t wait to be apart of Team Sweat and helping out in what ever ways I can. No person should be treated like filth. I will gladly spread the word and hope that a large enough mass of people join Team Sweat so that Nike will take a more significant step towards fixing the living conditions in Indonesia. Mr. Keady really inspired me with his words today in our assembly at Loyola Academy ,a Jesuit high school. His use of “Men and Women for Others,” really hit me because that is also our school motto.

- J.P. Skowron

I learned about TEAM SWEAT at Loyola Academy and think that sweatshops are completely wrong. I would like to help to fight this.

- Matt Wojkowski

(I joined Team Sweat) to improve the condition of exploited Nike workers.

- Nikhil Pillai

After hearing Keady talk, it made me realize that there are a lot more problems out there then my own dealing with money. I wanted to join that I support what Keady is doing and I hope he makes a difference or more to help other people’s lives be better.

- Stephanie Koenig

I just saw Keady’s presentation at my school and it had a strong impact on me. I study sociology here at Shippensburg University and I already knew some of these problems that exist but not to the extent. Activisim is a wonderful thing and I admire the dedication. Keep it up!

- Gina Sciabarassi

I’m sick and tired of not being heard. What Nike is doing is disgusting and we, as leaders of the future, should be helping to stop the wrong doing.

- Lauren Rojas-Castillo

I am a devout Christian, and I am a university student from Shippensburg University. I am an education major, and it pains me to see people working so hard, with no hope of an education or better life because companies like Nike feel they can control them and keep them low enough to stay alive but have no hope of changing their lifestyle. I would like to help those workers in sweatshops get that hope that they, like all humankind, deserves. These people should be granted the necessities in life of food, water and shelter, and the most important- a family.

- Casey Atkins

I don’t understand why humans should have to suffer by putting all their time and energy into a job that doesn’t even allow them to live properly just so consumers like us can feed into our shallow images and purchase pricey products. It’s not fair to allow human rights to be discarded so corporate leaders can overcharge for scraps of rubber that are assembled. I hope to find any way I can to participate in fighting for these workers.

- Krista MacBain

I am a student at Loyola Academy and I think what Nike is doing is wrong and these people in Indonesia can not survive off $1.50 a day. So i joined Team Sweat to stop this and help raise awareness about the cause.

- Brittany Ruh

I go to Loyola Academy and I don’t believe that what Nike is doing is moral. I think that the workers should be paid fair wages and that the sports people should send some of their money to the workers. I will be spending the postcards in to Phil Knight and Tiger Woods sometime today.

- Caitlin Bohling

Because there are people in the world facing injustices and it is our job, people who are part of the human race, to stand up and fight for others.

- Fawn Johnstin

I am a student at Loyola Academy, and after hearing about the terrible and horrifying working conditions the Nike workers face, I knew it was my duty as a woman for others to somehow stop this injustice.

- Chloe Micek

I joined Team Sweat because, I saw Jim Keady’s documentary, I also saw a presentation he gave, and he inspired me to join this cause. I want to help this workers!

- Arthur Stone

I’m a conservative, and even I recognize that paying workers a dollar or two a day to produce $100 products is dangerous abuse. We have a responsibility as consumers to demand that Nike conduct its business ethically.

- Ron Sommers

I went to a lecture about the sweatshops, the lies, and the way Nike handles its factories in Indonesia. It broke my heart to hear these stories and the facts. I want to let Nike/Mr. Phil Knight know that what he is doing by ignoring the travesty and tradegy going on in HIS sweatshops is the most IRRESPONSIBLE and most heartless thing I’ve ever heard. I have no idea how he can sleep at night knowing he has the power to make millions of peoples lives better, yet he does NOTHING.

- Eric Wolfe

I joined Team Sweat because as a fifteen year old girl I would like to wear my clothes and shoes with dignity. Knowing that girls my age are working more overtime then I ever will in my life makes me sick. I want those girls and all the rest of the workers to work with dignity too. Dignify yourself. - Isabel Brooks As a consumer, I feel that I have the responsibility to pay attention to the various items I purchase. To know that what I may purchase was made in a sweatshop in which the employees are walked all over and treated barbarically is not something that I support. Especially to know that Nike tolerates such behavior, considering that I come from a family of athletes, disturbs me.

- Kaitlynn Forde

(I joined Team Sweat because) I saw the movie and the presentation, and it just clicked with me.

- Griffin Hull

God is love and we must show our love for one anoher by giving people what they deserve. I believe everyone deserves living wage for their hard work and they deserve respect as equal human beings.

- Kawthar Rkein

I joined Team Sweat because I strongly want to help change the injustices these workers suffer.

- Joanna P.

(I joined Team Sweat) to help put collective pressure on corporations to grant their workers with the basic human rights they all deserve.

- Taylor C.

I joined Team Sweat because I believe that sweatshop conditions are a disgrace and if the people running them have so much money what is it to them to give some back?

- Mary Clare Eisinger

Jim Keady came and spoke at Marian College, Indianapolis, where I am earning my degree. He educated me so much and influenced me to want to learn more and become a part of this myself.

- Jesse Kirkwood

I joined Team Sweat because I believe they are treating the hard workers in the sweatshops in a dehumanizing way. I have grown up knowing that everyone regardless of nationality, race, creed, religion, etc. is entitled to human rights. Treating someone as though they are just another worker “lucky” to have a job and just because they are from a third world country they do not need as much is WRONG! I would love to see ALL the employees/executives to know what it feels like to not have your own baby not able to live with you, not be able to eat all 3 meals in a day without having to beg, being able to to have a decent bathroom, etc. I do not believe anyone should have to go through what those people are going through. I think Nike needs to step up and take some accountablity for their actions, get their stories straight, and just as their slogan says “Just Do It.”

- Aubrey Rinkert

(I joined Team Sweat) to respect human rights and fight against (Nike). Have a good day.

- Mohd Fikry Bin Mishan

I joined Team Sweat because you came to my school (Loyola Academy) and I have decided to take this a step further. By joining this group and help stop this cruel treatment towards people. I do not think people should be treated like an item. I will do anything I can to help every person that deserves to have a respected life.

- Jina Kim

I joined Team Sweat because I value human dignity. Additionally, I feel that exploiting the rights of overseas workers to further American economic prosperity is a violation of the American spirit of equality, freedom, and justice.

- Chris Hauser

(I joined Team Sweat because) I want to help.

- Caroline Williams


Students from Loyola University and Loyola Academy join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 1st, 2009

Team Sweat: 

Below are comments from students at Loyola University and Loyola Academy. They are truly living the Jesuit motto of being “men and women for others” by joining the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses. 

Peace, Jim Keady 

I want to fight to end the injustices in Nike’s sweatshops!
- Felicia Shapiro

(I want) to help in the fight to end injustices any way that I can.
- Veronica Policht

I was at your talk at Loyola last night (colored/striped sweater in the middle) and I’m really sorry that I had to leave right when it was over… I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming! I first saw you, and I believe Leslie, too, talk at a summer program at Yale that I attended probably 5 or 6 years ago. Since then I’ve always been interested in seeing you again and hearing about updates to the entire situation (I have been receiving the EFJ e-mail updates) … I live in the Silicon Valley, CA and I know you’ve been to Bellarmine and other places around there to speak and I always tell all my friends/family to go. So anyway, thank you again for coming here and good luck in all your efforts! Hope to see you again sometime in the future. 
- Jordan Micek

Jim Keady came to my high school and really inspired me to stick up and be a women for others (which so happens to be Loyola’s motto). I’m also ready to stop talking about making a difference, but really taking and accomplishing one quote from the Dalai Lama that Mr. Keady used in his video, “It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act.” I really want to be a part of a cause that’s sticking up for what’s right one step at a time. Thank you again for visiting Mr. Keady! It was a pleasure!
- Teddi Weigel 

I joined Team Sweat because I don’t think the price of a human life and dignity is even close to being comparable to that of a product. I think the world should make human rights for all a top priority, before animal rights or capitalistic pursuits. I joined Team Sweat because I truly live by the Golden Rule, to treat others as I would like to be treated. If everyone would consider this principle of supporting the lives of people before supporting their pocket books, the world would be a better place.
- Angela Wells

I saw the presentation at Loyola Academy, in Wilmette, Illinois. Nike must act now to do what is right morally!
- Gineen Hecht

I believe in the dignity of all people, and their right to be able to work so as to support themselves, their families and their communities. I do not see consistent, concrete evidence that Nike and many other large corporations share my beliefs, or practice them world-wide. Social justice is everyone’s business. Social justice is actually good for business — even though it does not concentrate the wealth in the hands of a minority of entrepreneurs. If our world is to survive, and its people to flourish, we must address these issues.
- Rosanne Coury

(I want) to help people earn enough money to get by.
-Sam Retzky

(I want) to prove Phil Knight wrong.
- Franco Capitanini

I thought nike was the perfect athletic company ever but now that I know about their sweatshops I want to fix the problem. I feel that it is morally wrong to treat people that way and I want to fix the perfect company that I looked up to.
- William Hague

I joined Team Sweat because I go to a Jesuit school that teaches us the principles of being men and women for others. How can I live out this motto if I know corporations like Nike are causing HUGE injustices across the world?
- Jackie Boratyn

I joined Team Sweat because I think it is a shame that fellow people have to live in the conditions that the Nike Indonsion workers are focred to live under, and becaue I attend at Jesuit High School where I am told to live for a “Man For Others”.
- Evan Fay

As I Christian this issue is very important to me since we are made in the image and likeness of God; Christ taught us to love and care for our neighbors.
- Mary

Mr. Keady came to speak to us at Loyola Academy today and I want to tell Nike that what they are doing is terrible and, although I like their products, I am offended by the way they treat their sweat shop workers. This needs to stop NIKE!
- Joey Dudzik

There was a presentation at our high school earlier in the week and it moved me. i would donate, but being a teenager, I’m short on cash, so i will do the next best thing.
- Mike D

I attended a presentation at my school today and i think that what NIKE is doing is outrageous, and i’m out of money, so I’ve decided to do the next best thing.
- Michael

I joined team sweat because I don’t like how Nike is treating their workers. I want to help solve this problem. 
- Alena Dowdle

I want to join Team Sweat because I believe in this cause. I find it repulsive to know that Mr. Knight and all of Nike is fully aware of what is going on in those sweat shops in Asia and not doing anything to try and change, because it’s “cheap” labor. I want to become part of the community of Team Sweat to fight against this and to show those who tell us we can’t that we CAN just do it.
- Chessy Gortzounian

I’m joining Team Sweat because I’m disgusted that an American company can allow their employees to work under such bad conditions and with as little pay as they are getting. We need to change things!
- Jamie Fox

I am appalled to find out that my favorite shoe company has lied to me, telling me that they had dealt with the labor problems. I am joining Team Sweat to support all of the hard working people in the numerous countries around the world that hold sweatshops.
- Will Cushwa

I joined Team Sweat because I believe that Nike workers should receive what is fair, not the bare minimum. If acting against any company can facilitate change, Nike would be that company.
- Phillip Henry

There was a presentation at my school, Loyola Academy, and I was previously ignorant about the subject, but I strongly sympathize with the workers, as everyone should have a living wage, good conditions, and be able to keep their dignity.
-Ryan McShane

I joined because it is not morally right to have this happen to people and us just sit here ignoring the problem.
- Meredith Cerney

I heard about this issue at a school assembly and what Nike is doing goes against all my morals. 
- Lauren Marino

How can you be Christian or any other religion, and allow other human beings suffer like this?
- Joe Sommers

You visited my high school (Loyola Academy) and really challenged my view towards Nike. I appreciate your strong will and passion for giving deserving people their deserved human dignity.
- Mia Casey

My name is Vanesa Rivera. I joined Team Sweat because no one should live under the conditions that the factory workers live under. The workers are human beings and should not be treated that way. It is disgusting and Phil Knight should care and do something about it.
- Vanesa Rivera

I go to a Jesuit high school and I want to be a “woman for others.” Learning about the conditions people live in really disgusted me. I believe in people over profit. 
- Leigh Agombar

(I joined Team Sweat because of a) presentation today at my school. This needs to stop and something needs to be done.
- Mo 

I am joining Team Sweat because I think these workers have a right to their dignity, and by paying them wages that do not give them enough food for the day or to take care of their families is absurd. Every human has dignity and we should start caring about those people whose dignity is being taken away.
- Caitlin Desmond 

I am a student at Loyola Academy and today, Jim Keady gave a great presentation. It was insightful and eye-opening. I want to do what I can to help those who are put down by the oppressiveness in Indonesia, and everywhere that these problems exist.
- Brigid Murray

I joined Team Sweat because I was really inspired to strive for change when Jim Keady came to our school today. As a member of a Jesuit School Community, I feel a responsibility to serve others and try to gain equality on the world. I feel that Team Sweat embodies all of those characteristics and I want to be a part of the change.
- Maggie Kollar

(I joined) to give voice to the voiceless.
-Paul Clarke 

I joined Team Sweat because I want to help make these workers’ lives better. It is so ridiculously unjust that Nike (and all other corporations with factories in countries like Indonesia) are allowed to use policies that dehumanize their workers. All people have the right to be able to earn enough money to support themselves and their families and to retain their human dignity in the process. I have joined Team Sweat because I believe that collectively we can make a difference for the workers at the Nike factories, and that these changes will help to improve the lives of the impoverished across the globe.
- Nicole Michels 

I joined Team Sweat to bring awareness to people around me the circumstances Nike workers live in. Nike should think about the children their workers must support. Those children are our future and we must do everything we can to give them a proper life.
- Julia Coffou

The work you do is truly amazing. I can’t wait to be apart of it. No person should be treated like filth. Given enough for 2 meals every day is simply not enough. I will gladly spread the word and hope that a large enough mass of people join Team Sweat so that Nike will take a more significant step towards fixing the living conditions in Indonesia.
- Maggie Mullen 

I like Nike and their products but the people who are making these products are people too and they deserve to recieve their rights.
- Lizzie Sirput 

I joined Team Sweat because, as a fan of Nike products, I am disappointed and appalled by the conditions forced upon Nike factory workers. The Nike Corporation needs to set an example and pay the people whom they have identified as their “employee,” a living wage in which they can experience human progress and flourishing.
- Wynn Coughlin 

I joined after hearing a presentation at my high school, Loyola Academy, and am in shock at what is going on around the world. I want to be part of bringing justice to the thousands of people who are being unfairly treated by major companies. If people who hold an executive position are not being treated like this, then why is the labor force?? It’s just not right!
- Kelly Donahue 

After hearing Mr. Keady speak at my high school I became appalled, ashamed and inspired. I can not believe that this type of injustice is still occurring in our world. I can not believe that so many people sit back and watch but don’t take action. And I can not believe that not only do we do nothing but we are the cause of it and we benefit from so many people suffering. I hope that through my school I am able to help in the fight toward justice and living wages for these sweatshop workers. As I attend college and grow up I know will continue to fight for a change for all people in the world who suffer because of consumers, factory owners, and companies like NIKE.
- Stefani Jerger

I joined Team Sweat because as a student at a Jesuit high school I believe that I have a responsibility to help people less fortunate than I am.
- Ted Hocter

I joined Team Sweat because this social rights issue affects me the most. Nike sweatshops and all other major corporation sweat shops are so involved in our pop culture and the best part about it is that WE, the public can control this issue to a certain extent. WE are the ones that choose to buy these sweatshop made products. WE can say no.
- Pilar

I’m a high school athlete that just found out about whats going on when Jim Keady came to our school. It’s horrible what they do to these workers. Its not right and it’s just disgusting. I NEED to do something, I don’t want to watch this and not have said or done anything. Things need to change.
- Grace

I joined Team Sweat because I believe the Nike corporation completely violates human rights. It disgusts me to hear about the workers in Indonesia living in such poor conditions and I recognize the need for change.
- Kim Elkayam

Today at Loyola Academy Jim Keady kicked off our annual Peace and Justice week. HUNDREDS of students were presented with a serious justice issue that they found themselves WEARING. Team Sweat of course is awesome because of what it is trying to achieve, and also becaue it gives kids a way to help the situation –instead of just doing the usual “raising awareness”. The feedback from the students at the Academy over the past few hours has been fantastic and makes progress seem achievable. As a student of Jesuit education I am encouraged to be “a women for others”. I feel that working to protect the human dignity of these people is my responsibility now that I know about Nike’s sweat shops.
- Emily Picchietti

I joined Team Sweat because I am a strong believer in equal rights for all people. I believe that more awareness needs to be created and I think that if it is it can be a catalyst for change, and I believe that this is a good way to start doing it.
- Sam Hysell 

(I joined Team Sweat because) I wanted to give back. 
- Sarah

I joined Team Sweat because I think how companies treat their workers is wrong and I think it is even worse for consumers to be ignorant and/or not care where their products are coming from and how they are made. I think as consumers we should take responsibility for where our products come from and how they are made. I think it is wrong for any human being to be able to decide how someone else lives especially when they are living in such bad conditions.
- Michela

I am a student at a Jesuit high school, Loyola Academy and your speech really inspired me. Something needs to be done about these injustices.
- Susan Nichols

I thought Jim Keady brought up some excellent points about Nike in his presentation at our school. There obviously need to be some changes with the way Nike as well as other major sporting brands operate in regards to their labor wages.
- Sean Hipskind

I am a freshman at Loyola Academy and today saw a presentation by Jim Keady. This year we focussed alot on Catholic Social Teaching, therefore i had a good sense about what Mr.Keady was referring to when he was speaking about how it is our role as Catholics to stop this. Sweat shops are wrong. Ok, sure, Nike is giving jobs to these people but they aren’t doing their workers any favors. If it wasn’t for their workers, they wouldn’t have any product to sell. Sweatshops are wrong, JUST DON’T DO IT.
- Meredith Abrahamson

I love Nike and Adidas cuz they have comfy and nice clothes but i am really disappointed that they have these horrible sweatshops even tho i may realized it since long time ago. Well. this Jim guy visited my school for justice and peace week speech and presentation. I was moved. even tho I got tired and bored at the very last. However, i like this guy. This guy is nice, motivated, has sympathy, and brave enough to spend his valuable time in just investigate and help labors in sweatshops.
- Aidan Lee

I joined Team Sweat because of the undeniable fact that the people of Indonesia are real people like us, with families, hopes, and dreams, and thus they deserve a living wage.
- Sarah Thomas 

I attend a Catholic high school. The motto of the school is “Men and Women for Others.” It is my duty as a privileged citizen to help those who cannot speak for themselves. I want to do my part.
- Grace Bowen

Others need our help, I want to do my small part to do something about that.  - Sara

More students join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

April 1st, 2009

Team Sweat:

Below are comments from students that have recently joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses. 

Peace, Jim Keady 

I joined Team Sweat after viewing a presentation put on by Umass Lowell about the injustices in the nike sweatshops around the world. I was disgusted at how poorly these workers were treated and how impossible it is for them to meet their basic needs. It is amazing that these workers are paid so little while the athletes endorsing the clothes that they wear are being paid millions. Nike has lost a customer in me until they change their unfair practices.
-Stephen A. Silvar, Jr.

I saw your presnetation at my school, Wheelok College, tonight. While we are a small school, we are comitted to improving the lives of chidldren and families worldwide and I know this will start a rallying cry. I know there will be much discussion of the issue to come, including in my social work class among many other classes. the awareness and knowldege you have brought will spread throughout the school, neighboring schools, and the city of Boston. Thank you for your time, and thank you for bringing this issue to our school.
-Nicholas McRae

-Donny Saputra

More consumers join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

March 23rd, 2009

Team Sweat:

Here are comments from people that recently joined Team Sweat in the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses.

I am really excited about having our brothers and sisters in Indonesia join us!

In solidarity, Jim Keady

I want to help nike workers get the living wages they deserve. -Tituk Bagus Novianto

My name is Joana and I am in university, majoring dentistry in one of private university in Surabaya Indonesia. I did know that most of big US factory in Indonesia such as GAP and NIke didn’t give the right amount of wages as they deserved since I was 6th grade. And now I’m in my 2nd year of university. During that time I couldn’t do something to help them. Maybe with join this I could at least support the workers to get the wages they deserved. -Joana

Exploiting people is unexceptable and things need to change. -Annalena Snure

The exploitation in developing country is like satan. -Mihror Dendi

Students at Canisius College join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

March 18th, 2009

Students at Southern NH University join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

March 18th, 2009

Students at Franklin Pierce University join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

March 18th, 2009

More students join Team Sweat

March 18th, 2009

Students from Southern New Hampshire University join Team Sweat

Students from Southern New Hampshire University join Team Sweat

Team Sweat:

This week, more students joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshop abuses.

In solidarity, Jim Keady 


After seeing Michael Moore’s interview with Phil Knight and your trip to the sweatshops-especially having to decide whether to shave or eat…how can I not (join Team Sweat)?  - Russell Seaver

I am an activist from Bandung Indonesia and I want to help you during this issue. When you need something from my helping I can solve it.  - Hifsan Rahman

I’m from Regis High School and just watched Mr Keady’s presentation.  I’d like to help.  - Thomas Michelena

I just heard (Jim Keady’s) presentation at Southern New Hampshire University and I thought it was very moving. I really enjoyed it and want to do anything I can to help.  - Alyssa Amon

As a lifelong consumer of Nike’s products I feel that they must change the way they operate, because what they are doing to the production workers is inhumane.  - Ryan Johnson

Something needs to be done. We are the ones that can make it happen.  I can make it happen.  - Abbey Miller

I joined Team Sweat because I want to see an end to Nike’s sweatshop abuse around the world.  - Kevin Tessier

I do like Nike products, but hearing about all the wrongdoings that they have involved themselves in overseas is appalling. To say that Nike is performing ethically throughout all their locations would be wrong on so many levels. I would like to see improved work conditions, increased wages, and environmentally sound plans for the factories overseas. I would like to see the leader of the industry play big brother and set an example for all other companies in their industry.  - Britni Corliss

People shouldn’t be treated like second-class citizens just because they weren’t lucky enough to be born in the United States…how could I not join (Team Sweat)? I’m lucky–I have the ability to try and help people who struggle to get things that I take for granted, like food, water, shelter, clothing and other things that make survival easier.  - Sammi

(I joined Team Sweat) to do my part in helping those in need.  - Matt

I joined Team Sweat because it isn’t fair that just because these people were born in other countries that aren’t as lucky as the United States, they get exploited and can’t even afford the necessities of everyday life. It’s especially not fair to the children who suffer for it!  - Andrea Nugent

I am a student at Canisius College and was deeply moved by this terrifying issue after attending Jim Keady’s lecture. I would like to contribute to this cause, and I am currently trying to spread awareness of this issue through family and friends.  - D’Anna Farrar

I want to help make a difference.  - Emily Marciniak

Jim Keady spoke at my college, Canisius, Thursday the 12th. He gave an amazing speech and inspired me to become more active. I would love to be a part of your team and help in any way I can.  - Ashley Rosenthal

I am joining Team Sweat because after hearing Jim speak at my school Canisius College I was definitely inspired to do what I can to support this cause. I think what he is doing is amazing and deserves all the support that he can get.  - Zeneta

I was inspired by a presentation at my college, and I want to do what I can.  - Tessa Scott

I joined Team Sweat because I believe that all humans are entitled to their God-given rights. It doesn’t matter what your economic conditions are, everyone should be treated with the respect that they deserve. Another reason why I joined Team Sweat is because I was inspired by their persistent fight against multi-billion conglomerates such as Nike. There is not one company in this world that has the right to strip humans of their dignity.  - Dan Murray 

Students at Regis HS join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

March 9th, 2009

Students at the University of MN-Morris join Team Sweat

February 26th, 2009

Students at GA Southern University join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

February 26th, 2009

Students at Florida Gulf Coast University join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

February 26th, 2009

Students at the University of ND join the fight against Nike’s sweatshops

February 26th, 2009

Young women from two Jesuit high schools join Team Sweat

February 25th, 2009

More Consumers Join Team Sweat

February 20th, 2009

Team Sweat:

More consumers have joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshops.

Peace, Jim Keady 


I heard about this through my friends. I think it is an excellent program, and I am going to do everything in my power to get awareness throughout my school!

- Jamie Green 


Hi Jim, I really enjoyed your presentation last night at Georgia Southern University. After attending I went home and did additionally research into the subject and in to other companies responsible for these horrible practices. You mentioned New Balance as a shoe choice, I found that they also are involved in this crisis:

That website is a good resource for consumers who want to be responsible about where their dollars go, and after researching I know my shopping habits will change. I just wanted to drop you an email and tell you to keep up the good work and speaking for thousands who cannot speak up for themselves, you are truly a hero. I’m involved in many causes and this is one that I can add to my list. I became aware of this problem in the 90’s and saw Michael Moore’s movie “The Big One” which profiled Nike and challenged Phil Knight directly, and it’s easy to tell that Mr. Knight does not have a conscience and is in the business not to make money (anymore), he’s in it to make it as successful as possible, to make the company more money, so that his legacy as a legendary businessman is upheld. If that legacy is more important to him, than having a legacy of a caring, compassionate human being, which I think is the case with him, this may be an awfully long ride. I’m willing to throw my support in your corner for this effort, and I’m trying to spread the word. Thanks again and well wishes to our brothers and sisters in Indonesia and elsewhere who desperately need us. 

- Ryan Coskrey

(Note from Jim Keady: Just to clarify, I was not offering New Balance as a “sweatfree” choice.  New Balance uses sweatshops in China.  I was asked by someone in the audience what shoes I wear when I run and I said New Balance and I was clear that it was not because of their labor practices.  While I do have a pair that were made in the USA where there are better worker protections, the company (like Nike) still has a long way to go in treating their production workers fairly.)  


After seeing Jim Keady’s presentation at Georgia Southern University, I feel beyond moved to join Team Sweat. I am absolutely infuriated by Nike’s actions and their ultimate lack of heart. I find it appalling that people can sit back and watch while other human beings are exploited daily. I am saddened for the Indonesian workers who are paid next to nothing, sometimes beaten, and often humiliated by Nike. However, I know it is not enough to just feel sad…that is why I must join Team Sweat to fight for a change. This is the first time in my life that I have ever felt truly passionate about something. I KNOW that what is happening to these innocent workers is not right. So, thanks Jim for opening my eyes to the truth about Nike… here’s one more player for Team Sweat.

“It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.”

- Kelcey Schmidt


Hi Jim,

I attended your talk this evening at Florida Gulf Coast University.  I was the lone gentleman in a tie.  I wanted to tell you that I truly enjoyed listening to your story and support your fight.  Shortly after graduating from Boston College in 1995, I did a year of volunteer work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Northern California.  I lived in community with other volunteers and worked at a shelter for homeless families.  I spent a large part of that year learning about social injustices that exist in our country and worked to help marginalized populations.  In the years since, I haven’t been as active in social justice advocacy as I should.  I am currently the Associate Director for Financial Aid at Florida Gulf Coast University.  Your presentation tonight really inspired me to be more active in educating myself on matters such as Nike sweat shops and do what I can to promote change.  Like you had said at the end of your talk, I too believe that we as human beings have a responsibility to work for the common good.  You couldn’t have said it better.

Best wishes and continued success.


Brian Casey 

Students from GSU Join Team Sweat

February 18th, 2009

Team Sweat:

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at Georgia Southern University.  Here are some students from GSU that have joined Team Sweat in the fight against Nike’s sweatshops.

Peace, Jim Keady 

After listening to Jim Keady at Georgia Southern University, I was overly inspired to join the fight in stopping these injustices in which I saw through the documentation. Human exploitation has reached a new high point it seems and it would be considered inhumane to not act on my concerns. Consumers and workers have been unaware and uneducated long enough about these issues. It’s time to help the fight in stopping the corporate illusions in which Nike sets on its consumers.

- Whitney O’Connor

I find it so interesting that actual human beings can exploit other human beings in our society today and still be able to sleep at night. It is truly sickening the injustices these corporations get away with every single day. I was so proud that Georgia Southern was open enough to allow Jim Keady to come and do his heartfelt presentation.  That is exactly what makes change happen, when someone is brave enough to set a spark in the minds of people and the people care. I believe deep down every person has at least a tiny freckle of good inside of them, and when I see people genuinely trying to make a difference, it gives me hope. 

The most educational, and shocking, parts of Keady’s lecture were about the cruel violations that were being carried out on the Indonesian Nike workers. I was appalled by the actual wages distributed to them, the raping of the environment, and insane humiliation of the menstrual leave. And when the workers try to do something about their beyond terrible work conditions by starting and joining unions, they are singled out and beaten within an inch of their lives! When presented with these facts, I went straight home and did some of my own research and I found that all of these statements were verified! This infuriated me.  Never in my life have I been so moved to try to do something about it. I thought: “How can these things be happening in our life time?” No wonder other countries completely despise us, we are doing this kind of things to them! So, I went to his website and now there is one more player for Team Sweat.  I feel that one person at a time can make a difference. 

- Ashley Elizabeth Joyner

Students at the Ignatian Family Teach-In Join Team Sweat

January 29th, 2009

Team Sweat MN 4

January 15th, 2009

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Team Sweat MN 3

January 15th, 2009

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Team Sweat MN 2

January 15th, 2009

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Team Sweat MN 1

January 15th, 2009

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More Consumers Join Team Sweat

January 15th, 2009
Team Sweat:

Here are comments from more consumers that have joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshops.

Peace, Jim Keady

I recently listened to Jim Keady speak at the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in Columbus, Georgia. The presentation was extremely enlightening and empowering both to myself, and my classmates. In fact, the talk motivated us to initiate a justice week at school with the Team Sweat movement as our primary focus. As I browse through the website, I am extremely excited about all the opportunities and ideas you provide for us to start a campus movement. I attend Regis Jesuit High School in Denver, Colorado, and would absolutely love to have Jim Keady be a guest speaker during this justice week.
- Catherine Reidy
I want to join Team Sweat because I want to help the Nike employees to get reasonable wages and not have to struggle for their basic needs on a daily basis.
- Bonnie Albright
I joined Team Sweat because I believe in the dignity of all workers and dream of a world where they will have the opportunities that I have.
- Ken Homan
(I joined Team Sweat) because I am concerned about the working conditions in other countries and would like to be an activist on (the workers) behalf.
- Linda Coffey
I have the opportunity to make competitive wages and have rights at work, everybody else should too. We need this planet to unite in peace and be free from poor working conditions, hunger, and strife. I am joining to inform others around me of these issues!
- Crystal Brecht

More Consumers Join Team Sweat

December 18th, 2008
Team Sweat:
Here are more consumers that just joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshops.
Peace, Jim Keady
I would like to join Team Sweat because, as human beings, we have the responsibility to look out for one another.  We are our brother’s keeper!  Jesus Christ said the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and that the second was to love others as you love yourself; that all other commandments fall under these.  Simply put, it was hard for me to sit through your presentation without feeling some type of way.  For people to be exploited like this is unacceptable.  I realize that the only way things will change is if people like me decide to do something about it… just like Team Sweat.  I hope that others will come to realize this as well.  Time will tell. God Bless.
- Tyler McKittrick 
Jim came to speak to our business ethics class. I really believe in what he’s trying to do with Nike - and eventually other companies. I would love to be a part of the movement that could change the business/manufacturing relationship!
- Schuyler Korab
You came to my school and got my attention. So I would like to help.
- Taylor Santoro
I saw your presentation at my school and it really made me think about the products I buy. I never put much thought into how my clothes and athletic wear was made. i want to help make a difference in the lives of sweatshop workers
- Caileigh
I joined Team Sweat because I feel that Nike is lying to the world about its sweatshop practices. I feel their conditions and wages provided to those who work in factories that manufacture Nike products is appalling and immoral.
- Erica Karger-Gatzow
(I joined Team Sweat) to support a cause that’s fighting for human rights and take a step towards ending the injustice!
- Jill
Jim just spoke at my school–and by just, I mean that he started about two hours ago. When I got home, I went and joined EFJ and now I’m joining Team Sweat because I want to show that I care. Furthermore, I want my caring to inspire my peers and those who follow me to take a stand and work to create positive action. Apathy gets us nowhere. The time to speak out is now.
- Ellie Stone
I joined Team Sweat to help in the cause of social justice for employees of Nike. The employees of Nike should be paid living wages, because their human dignity is not being met with wage slavery. The employees of Nike should be compensated for their work with enough to raise them out of their poverty and not continue the cycle of human devastation. I no longer wish to participate in a system of global capitalism that exploits those worst off for the benefit of those best off.
- Isham Christie
I want to put an end to worker exploitation.
- Kevin Hoeger
(I joined Team Sweat) because I don’t want to just sit back and say “Oh that’s a shame”. I want to help do something about it, even if it is small. Just something.
- Eric Bartusch
I saw Jim Keady at the 2008 SOA rally in Georgia and his presentation blew my mind. He was a really nice guy and spent some time talking my friends and I. He was absolutely terrific and really got me thinking.
- Michaela McCoy
I witnessed Jim speak at The University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota. We have been discussing the topic of sweatshops in my Social Justice classes, and as a devout Christian/Catholic I morally oppose almost everything that sweatshops stand for. I want to take a stand and fight the man!
- Matthew Baer
I am joining Team Sweat because I saw Jim Keady speak. I went in knowing little to nothing more about Nike than they are bad. Becoming aware of all the facts inspired me to get off my butt and join the cause. TEAM SWEAT YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!
- Rita Richardson
I saw a presentation at the SOA protest and was shocked. I think it is a very important issue that the Jesuit schools with their social justice focus should be considering.
- Sarah Holland

More Consumers Join Team Sweat

December 4th, 2008
Team Sweat:
More consumers have joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshops this week.  Below are their responses to the question, “Tell us why you joined Team Sweat?”
Peace, Jim Keady
I would like to take part in this wonderful organization of actually bringing people together to raise awareness of the horrible things going on behind closed doors.
- Haley
I was at the SOA Teach-In and heard Mr. Jim Keady speak and was taken away. I would love to learn more and get involved with Team Sweat.
- Patrick Nickelson
I joined Team Sweat because I heard Jim Keady speak and was inspired by the cause. I want to be part of a movement that brings justice and life to people. As part of the world and the human family I can’t knowingly allow others to suffer. I believe that Team Sweat is really making a difference and I think the model we are building can change the world.
- Cynthia Moffitt
I want to be part of Team Sweat because I want to raise awareness about this issue and be the voice for the voiceless in the world.
- Halimat Somotan
I joined Team Sweat to further educate myself about social justice issues and to live a more intentional and loving lifestyle.
- Rachel Lyons
Beside the abuse of the workers, adult and children, our economy is being destroyed by the loss of American jobs. It’s a lose, lose situation.
- John Opper
Commitment to social justice.
- Eugene Lepore
Sweatshops are poop.
- Ben Knapp
I saw Jim at the Jesuit Teach-in in Columbus, GA.
- Colin Padja
After today’s brilliant lecture at Temple University and seeing what the situation is with Nike sweatshops, I must get involved to help stop the exploitation of flesh and blood in the name of capitalism. Though I support capitalism, I won’t stand by and see it destroy, defy the existence of mankind. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan need to look at this exploitation for what it is and draw parallels to how minorities/blacks were treated not so long ago through low wages and poor working conditions (note: I’m black so I think this would be a fair assessment). Until there is significant improvement I’ll try to persuade people I know not to support Nike and others like it!!
- Zayne Bean
Why not?
- Rush Rehm

More Consumers Join Team Sweat

November 25th, 2008
Team Sweat:
Here are more consumers that have recently joined the fight against Nike’s sweatshops.
Peace, Jim Keady
I feel that everyone has a responsibility to treat each and every other human being with respect and dignity. From what I can tell, the Nike Corporation is permitting the people who make their product to be abused and used for monetary profit.
- Jeffrey Merritt

I joined because I believe people’s basic rights should not be violated. Corporations already making huge amounts of money need to stop enslaving workers from third world countries.
- Phil Dage

I heard Jim speak this past weekend in Columbus, GA at the Ignation Solidarity Network’s Teach In. I was inspired by what he said and I feel compelled to join him and Team Sweat.
- Brenton Roman

I met Jim at the SOA convention, and was one of the annoying kids that sat right in front on the floor. Anyways, I completely agreed with every point he made, and found his program very inspiring, and feel something must be done. With every new person, change is coming.
- Tony DeMarco

I saw Jim Keady speak at the Ignation Family Teach-in in 2008 and knew I had to join team sweat. Sweatshop labor practices are too prevalent and too dangerous to go unchecked.
- John Kennedy

I joined Team Sweat because I believe in equality for all people, regardless of economic class.
- Elsie Hadley

Team Sweat - Siena College 8

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #7

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #6

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #5

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #4

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #3

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #2

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - Siena College #1

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - MO State #4

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - MO State 3

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - MO State 2

November 19th, 2008

Team Sweat - MO State 1

November 19th, 2008

More Consumers Join Team Sweat

November 18th, 2008
Team Sweat:
More consumers joined our ranks this week in the fight against Nike’s sweatshops.  Here is what they wrote in answer to the question, “Why did you join Team Sweat?” 
Peace, Jim Keady
Jim did a presentation at my Girl Scout troop and I want to do what I can to help.
- Allison Peckham
Hi my name is Sammie and I heard Jim Keady speak at my Girl Scout meeting. Since then I have taken part in the fight by having my mom buy me stuff that isn’t made in a sweatshop. I take great appreciation towards Jim and Leslie for going to Indonesia and experiencing what it is like to live on people who work for Nike’s salary. Thanks again!
- Sammie
For justice.
- Mike Stankiewicz
I want to join Team Sweat because I think that what Mr. Keady is doing is fantastic!  He came to my school on November 17th. All the things he said were astonishing and very true. The things he brought to my attention were shocking, and I had no idea that was occurring over in those countries over by Vietnam. I support Mr. Keady and all the other people associated with Team Sweat. I want to be a part of it too!
- Cody Sprague
Hello, I am a 15 year old that is concerned about the Nike corporation. I listened to the assembly today at North Warren. Many NHL athletes wear Nike skates. Sidney Crosby is a big endorser in the NHL. He is only 20 years old not much older than some of us. Maybe we could contact him and see what he has to say about the Nike Sweatshop issue?  Thanks for your time.
- Ethan
I would like to join Team Sweat because all people are created equal.  The injustices to human dignity and freedom in all sweatshops are a disgrace to humanity and I would like to take action in the fight against the tyranny that these major corporations pose on our brothers and sisters overseas in sweatshops.
- Chris Slater
The speech at my school inspired me.  I try to actively help associations trying to make a difference.  I don’t want to be one of the apathetic teens I heard around me actually LAUGHING at these poor people’s situations,it just disgusts me.  Anything I can do to help,I will.
- Katie
Jim Keady came to my school today, North Warren Regional, and he presented a slide show of horrifying details and facts about sweatshops around the world, their conditions, and what companies have these sweatshops. He gave us information… how we can change sweatshop worker’s lives. What is happening not in this country but is controlled by our country’s businesses is disgusting. I hope I can help change at least one person’s life, hopefully a family’s, so they can earn more than an amount that we Americans sneer at if we see it on the floor. I honestly hope that I, as one person, can change anything for the better for any of these companies that have sweatshops. I have sewn about half of the clothes I own and I understand what work it is, although I enjoy it and do not have to work grueling hours or make mass productions of the garments.  I hope Team Sweat will do all it can to stop such despicable habits that CEOs are not even ashamed of.  I will devote myself to this change.
- Sarah Barbour
I joined Team Sweat because Jim came to my school explained that Nike and other industries are using sweatshops. He influenced me to get involved and in any way I can, help with the problem.
- Taylor

More Consumers Join Team Sweat

November 13th, 2008
I believe all workers have a fundamental right to get paid a living wage.
- Melinda Stone
Jim Keady came to the MSU campus and did a presentation on Nike Sweatshops not to long ago. He definitely got me all fired up and ready to fight Nike. Now, I am trying to put together a presentation on the Nike Sweatshops to give in one of my classes.
- Katie Helterbrand
Today when Mr. Keady gave his speech at St. Augustine Prep I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I felt I need to take action and do what I can to help get the workers in these Nike sweatshops their proper wages by donating some of my own money. I feel the need to spread the word of Nike’s injustices and what Team Sweat does. I also joined because I am interested to have updates on your progress such as how the trips to Indonesia go. I have felt motivated today to take action and to JUST DO IT.
- Frank Sortino
These hard workers in Indonesia deserve better.
- Jake Smejkal
I joined Team Sweat because those workers should not be put in these terrible jobs and not be able to even afford two or three meals a day. Also, its just terrible to see that it would take a hardworking man nine and a half years to equal what Tiger Woods makes in one round of golf.
- Austin Eichinger
Jim Keady visited my school in south Jersey, St. Augustine Prep, and I really think this is a great organization and want to be a part of it.
- Tyler Cirillo
I joined because I had the assembly at my school (St. Augustine Prep) and what was said touched me.
- Corey Allen
Jim Keady came to my school and he really raised awareness for me and also for my many classmates. The basketball team is considering taping over the Nike sign for our shoes during the season to protest what Nike is doing. I think it’s great what Mr. Keady is trying to do and that’s why I joined Team Sweat!
- Adam Dandrea
I want to end the injustice that the Nike employees are facing in the sweatshops.
- Matthew Pfeiffer
Hi Jim, I hope you are doing well. I heard you speak this past 07-08 school year at Bellarmine during my year of volunteer service and it was moving. I have shared the information with family and friends and we have begun to take small steps in the right direction. Please add me to the Team Sweat mailing list so that I may keep involved in the campaign to close Nike’s sweatshops. Thank you for your inspiration! God Bless and God speed!
- Daniel Valcazar II

More consumers join Team Sweat!

October 27th, 2008
I joined because I am passionately against slave labor and sweatshops. In high school I was one of few in the Slave Labor News Committee. Our whole objective was to inform everyone in school and anyone who visited our website about all the terrible sweatshops and the slave labor. I really hope that we can end this terrible treatment.  - Kate
I went to a lecture tonight given by Mr. Keady and it really moved me and made me want to help stop the social injustice that is going on in all of these countries.  - Kristi, MO State
I watched a presentation of Behind the Swoosh on my Missouri State campus and I was moved to get active in making this slavery stop.  - Craig, MO State
I saw Keady’s presentation tonight at Missouri State University and I want more information on how I can help!  - Melissa, MO State
I am joining Team Sweat because the way people working in Nike’s factories are expected to live is immoral and Nike needs to be forced into action.  Whatever little my joining can do to help, I am eager to do something.  - Katie H.
I joined Team Sweat because I want to see Nike change their policies and end the injustices that plague their workers. After realizing that this issue was too important to go ignored, I brought the Behind the Swoosh presentation to Chatham High School in the hopes that more would become educated on this issue. And they were. We had amazing responses to the program, and I am hopeful that Team Sweat can be influential enough to keep gaining supporters like my classmates to ultimately change one of the largest corporate giants in the world. To Nike: The consumers want a change. The investors want a change. And, most importantly, the workers are calling for your help. STOP THE ABUSE!  - Allison R.
I am joining Team Sweat to ensure workers in sweatshops are paid a living wage. They need to be guaranteed collective bargaining rights. Factory workers around the world deserve these rights, whether they are making Jordan’s for Nike or sports equipment and clothing for ANY other company. As the leading sports equipment producer, Nike must set the bar. Unfortunately, I cannot proudly display the Swoosh.  - Kendra, Siena College
I joined Team Sweat because I was appalled and disgusted by the images I saw on Jim Keady’s video. Making people live in those conditions is inhumane, especially when all it would take is a small sacrifice on the part of rich. Nike has the money and power to change the wages and I want to help convince them to act righteously. - Chris, Siena College
I want sweatshops to be eliminated. Nike needs to stop taking advantage of third world countries!  - Caroline R.

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat - UNH

October 10th, 2008

Team Sweat - Consumers

October 9th, 2008
  • I just saw Jim’s presentation at UNH and it was amazing. I would like to do what I can to help this cause. -Elizabeth B.
  • I just wanted to thank Jim for coming to UNH tonight and giving a great presentation. I’m really excited to get OXFAM UNH involved with this issue and start to plan an event based around it. Thank you for giving me the Behind the Swoosh film on good faith that I would donate…I did in fact just donate on this website….I wish I could give more but alas I am a student. Good luck with your fight and I’m excited for OXFAM UNH to join! - Kayla
  • I saw the “Behind the Swoosh” presentation at the University of New Hampshire.  I had already known a lot about sweatshops, but thought this presentation was excellent. - Lindsey F.
  • I was inspired by your presentation held at the University of New Hampshire. I feel I know too much and not doing a little to help would go against all the morals I was brought up with. - Amanda W.
  • I wanna join because Mr. Keady came to my school and gave a presentation about the unfair conditions that these workers have to go through, if they wanna work for those companies, then that’s fine, they can, no one said that they should have to get paid money that they cant even live off of. its not fair, and i think if enough people join, and we can get something going eventually they’re going to have to listen to us, and they’re going to have to do the right thing, or we wont stop. everyone was created equally, and we should make sure that this is what happens. - Mercedes A.
  • I believe the work and advocacy that Team Sweat, Jim and his partners are so dedicated to and passionate about is important and admirable. I remember the first time I watched and learned about the situation that transpired at St. Johns.  I was inspired by Jim’s stance and appalled by the fact that these types of operations and business models exist and are supported with no questions asked. I have not purchased a Nike product since that day over 8 years ago and will likely never buy another one. I always grab the opportunity to speak with folks on this topic and encourage others to be vocal and support Team Sweat in the fight against greed and for human and workers rights. - Bill K

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

Team Sweat - Wingate University

September 28th, 2008

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